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​​​ High Demand Course Repeat Rule

This rule is effective beginning Fall Quarter 2004.

General Rule

The Yakima Valley Community College High Demand Course Repeat Rule was developed to provide students with fair access to high demand classes. It allows students to repeat courses only once in high demand courses, if the grade earned in the course the first time does not meet standards required to continue in the student's program of study. Accordingly, in high demand circumstances, a course can be taken twice (once initially and once repeated). All letter grades earned (A through F) as well as I, V, or W grades will be reported on a student's transcript. This Course Repeat Rule applies to courses with "Wait Lists" and identified by the departments as "High Demand." YVCC departments reserve the right to establish program course repeat rules which may be more stringent than this college-wide High Demand Course Repeat Rule.


Students will not receive credit for courses taken in violation of this College High Demand Course Repeat Rule. Grades received in violation of this rule will not be used in GPA computations and will not appear on the student's transcript. A student transferring to another college should check that school's course repeat policy. It may differ from this repeat rule.

GPA Applications

All courses taken and all grades earned in compliance with the guidelines of this policy will appear on the student's transcript. The higher grade forgives the lower grade and replaces it in GPA computations. The lower grade(s) will remain on the transcript but will not be used to compute the YVCC cumulative GPA.


  1. The YVCC High Demand Course Repeat Rule does not apply to the following courses:
  2. Foreign Language classes
  3. Studio Art, Metalsmithing, Design, and Painting classes
  4. Non-High Demand Courses (as defined by departments)
  5. Courses designed to be repeated. Examples include:
    • Performance courses (e.g. Music, Choir, Band, Physical Education)
    • Seminar courses where content changes quarter to quarter
    • Math Center and Writing Center courses
    • Other courses designed for multiple quarter enrollment


In extraordinary circumstances and upon receipt of an acceptable plan of study, the Faculty member teaching the class, area Dean, or Vice President of Instruction and Student Services may provide written authorization to the Office of Admissions and Records to waive this rule for a student.

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