​Running Start


A Washington State

Dual Enrollment Program


The Running Start Program is a partnership between YVCC  and Washington State public high schools. The program offers eligible high school juniors and seniors the opportunity to enroll in regular college classes on our campus and to receive both high school and college credit for those classes. Eligibility for Running Start is based on placement into English 101 and Math 085 on our placement exam. Students may choose to attend YVCC part-time or full-time. Running Start students do not pay college tuition for 15 or fewer college level credits each quarter - tuition costs are dependent on the number of high school classes the student is also taking. However, all other costs must be paid by the student, including lab fees, mandatory college and student voted fees, transportation and necessary books/supplies. Tuition costs are located on the Registration site.

Program Benefits

  • Experience a college environment while in high school, easing the transition to college life

  • Earn up to two years of tuition-free college credit, getting a head start on college

  • Take courses that may not be offered at high school

  • Select from a diverse offering of classes

  • Experience college clubs and activities

  • Try a different educational setting, an advantage for those who find that the traditional high school does not fit their needs

Enrollment timeline

Quarter Start 
Attend Information Night
Test for Eligibility
Class Schedule Available Online
Classes Begin
Fall 2016
Before August 22
First week of May
Sept. 19
Winter 2017
Jan. 3
Spring 2017​
March 30

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