Program Considerations


What This Will do for you

  • Earn up to two years of tuition-free college credit, getting a head start on college

  • ​Take courses that may not be offered at high school

  • Select from a diverse offering of classes

  • Experience a college environment while in high school, easing the transition to college life

  • Experience college clubs and activities (except for intercollegiate athletics)

  • Try a different educational setting, an advantage for those who find that the traditional high school does not fit their needs


Just so you know

  • College classes discuss adult topics; students must be mature enough to handle a variety of conversations and assignments

  • College level classes demand that students work more independently and at a quicker pace than high school classes

  • Students are responsible for their own transportation

  • Scheduled college classes could conflict with high school classes and high school extracurricular activities

  • Students are expected to attend classes at the college regardless of differences in school breaks and holidays

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