Home & Private School

Students attending a private school or participating in home-based instruction may apply for Running Start. Interested students follow the regular Running Start application process. Once the student is deemed eligible for Running Start, students should then visit their resident public school district office for further instructions regarding public school enrollment.

Students must be considered a junior or senior to be eligible for Running Start. Running Start enrollment procedures for private and home-school students vary by district, and the public school district and/or public high school determines the student's grade level.

All students must be enrolled through a public school district and will need to get the public high school counselor's signature on the quarterly Enrollment Verification form.

Private school students who wish to continue attending their private school during Running Start will be enrolled in three schools: the private school, the public district or high school, and YVC.

Home-based instruction students will be enrolled through a public district or high school, YVC, and any home-school program they are continuing with.

If students are not seeking a public high school diploma, they are not required to take any classes at the public high school.