My YVCC Card

provided through "Higher one"

my yvcc card  


My YVCC Card - from Higher One. Learn more about the My YVCC Card for directions on how to access your financial aid.

What does this mean for students?

Our partnership with Higher One ensures faster delivery of financial aid funds to students. In addition, Higher One provides more choices for how financial aid is disbursed.

Who is Higher One?

Higher One is a company that provides services to colleges with lower costs and more options than the colleges could provide themselves. It was started by three college students who believed there must be a better way to help students receive and manage money. Learn more at Higher101

What do students need to do?

For starters, make sure your mailing address is up-to-date. An address file with important enrollment information for Higher One will be drawn periodically. It is important that you get the Higher One enrollment information and that Higher One receives your instructions.

Here is how to do it

  • Go to the YVCC home page
  • Click on Student Portal - sign in
  • Click on My Personal Information
  • Enter your financial aid student ID number and PIN
  • Verify or update your mailing address and email address


If you have moved or will move at the start of the quarter, also submit your change of address notification to the US Postal Service to avoid delays. Look for the bright green envelope from Higher One! The card inside will lead you through the set-up process.


Even if you are not currently expecting a financial aid refund, you may have one in the future or you may have a refund if a class is canceled or you change your schedule, so set up your account right away.

Have additional questions?

Visit to learn more about the all-new My YVCC Card . Have a specific question? Contact YVCC at