​​​​​​   ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Financial Aid Forms and Publications​​

General Information​​2016-20172017-2018
​​​Conditions of A​ward
Receiving financial aid is a privilege that comes with responsibilities.  The Conditions of Awards summarizes the student responsibilities and provides important information for YVCC financial aid recipients.

​​Conditions of Award

Financial Aid Portal Instructions
​Use these instructions to login and navigate the Financial Aid Portal

​Financial Aid Portal Instructions​​

Drug Conviction Worksheet
Some convictions for the sale or possession of illegal drugs may impact aid eligibility.  This form clarifies who may be affected by this requirement.

​​ Available ​Upon Request​

Release of Student Information
Your student information is protected under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA).  If you would like us to share information with another person, use this form to notify us and authorize us to speak with your representative.
​​Information Releas​e Form (FERPA)​

Student must complete​ the​​ form in pe​rson

​Satisfactory Academic Progress/Repayment Policy
Students are responsible for understanding the policies under which they maintain eligibility.  This document provides the full-text of the Satisfactory Academic Progress for Financial Aid Policy and the policy on financial aid repayment with examples. 

Satisf​actory Progress Policy​

​Appeal for Financial Aid Reinstatement
​​If a student fails to meet the satisfactory academic pro​gress standards for financial a​id, the student is no longer eligible to receive aid.  A student's eligibility may be reinstated based on circumstances that impacted progress.  The appeal form collects information necessary for this consideration.

Appeal fo​rm with Instructions​​​

Eligible Program/Program Intent Declaration
Only programs that lead to an approved certificate or degree and are at least a year in length have been approved for aid.

Eligible Program/ Intent Code Declar​ation​

Eligibl​e Program/​ Intent Code Declaration​

​DL Stafford Loan Request Form
After a determination of your eligibility for grants, you may request loan funds to supplement grants and other gift aid through the Direct Loan Program.

Direct Loan Request Form

Master Promissory Note and Entrance Counseling Instructions​

Mast​er Promissory Note and Entranc​​e Counseling Instructions​​​​

Summer Aid Application
​Aid is generally awarded for the regular academic year only. If a student wants consideration for summer quarter, use this form to notify us that you plan to attend in summer.

​​​Summer Aid 2017

​Not​ Available un​til May 2018

​​​ ​ ​
Verification Worksheets ​2016-2017 ​2017-2018
Verification worksheets are used to collect the information necessary to meet the federal requirements to confirm application information.  Because requirements may change from year to year, be sure to request the correct form. 

V1 Standard

V1 Standard

Each form provides instructions for providing required information.
V3 Verification

No Longer Required​

V3 Verification

No Longer ​Required​

​Each form provides instructions for providing required information.

V4 Custom

V4 Custom

Each form provides instructions for providing required information​​V5 AggregateV5 Aggregate
​Each form provides instructions for providing required information.

V6 Household Resources

V6 Household​ Resources

No Longer Required

Order a Tax Return Transcript or Verification of Non-Filing
  • Online: Download a copy of your TRT immediately or order one to be sent to you at IRS.gov/transcript; or
  • Call 800-908-9946 to request a copy by mail.

Order a Tax Return Transcript or Verification of Non-Filing

​2015 Income Detail
This form is required to resolve an inconsistency in 2015 untaxed income reported on your 2016-17 and 2017-18 applications. If two parents live in household or if parent of record is​​​ currently married, information must be reported for both “parents”.

Student Income Detail 

Parent Income Detail​​

Unusual Enrollment Pattern
Students who have attended several schools may be required to show that aid has not been misused at previous schools.  If you were selected to review of an unusual enrollment pattern, be sure to read and follow the instructions carefully to qualify for aid for the new year.

​​​​Unusual Enrollment Pattern Worksheet

Unusual Enrollment Pattern Worksheet​​

​ ​​​
Changes and Revisions ​2016-2017 ​2017-2018
Enrollment Revision Form 
Aid is awarded on the assumption that the student will be in 12 or more credits per quarter.  Use this form to authorize the financial aid office to adjust aid and release it to pay tuition or disburse it to you if you will be in fewer than 12 credits.

Enrollment Revision Form

Enrollment Revision Form​
Budget Revision Request
Financial aid budgets are based on average costs.  If you have higher than average but allowable costs, use this form and document the costs for consideration for additional loan or outside resources.  Attach a loan request form if you want to use Direct Stafford ​Loan eligibility to offset the costs..

Budget Revision Request​​

Available October 15th 2017

Reduction in Income
After initial awards are made, the financial aid office will consider cases where a significant decrease in income affects the student's ability to attend college.  Use this form to request consideration.​

Income/Resources Revision

Income/Resources Revision

Available October 15th 2017

​ ​