​YVCC Awarding Policy

YVCC encourages early application of either the FAFSA or WASFA, preferably by March 1 for the following school year.  Only students with "completed" financial aid files are packaged with available grant funding.  YVCC generally begins the award process over the summer after a significant number of applications have been reviewed and are ready for financial aid awards.  Although awarding continues through the year, the student who completes the financial aid file early will have access to the most funding and later applicants will be considered only for funds that are still available.  Original financial aid packages are based on the assumption that students will be considered for funding based on full-time enrollment and that each student wishes to be considered for the maximum level of "gift aid" available.  Students who wish to apply for self-help funds submit requests after YVCC has determined the level of gift aid funding.  Self-help funding consists loans through the Federal Direct Stafford Loan program and  limited Work Study funding.  Summer enrollment occurs at the end of the YVCC award year;  students who request funding for summer will submit summer aid applications that are made available to coincide with summer registration.  Unlike academic year awards, summer awards are based on the student's course schedule submitted with the summer aid application.


Satisfactory Academic Progress To receive financial aid at YVCC, students must be in compliance with the school's Satisfactory Academic Progress for Financial Aid Policy.  The policy consists of three measurements that are monitored quarterly after grades have been posted.  These three areas are:

1.  Grade Point Average.  GPA is a measurement of the quality of a student's academic performance.  Financial Aid recipients are expected to maintain a GPA of at least 2.0 at all times.  (For help on raising GPA under an Academic Plan, click here.)

2.  Pace of Progression.  Pace of Progression is the measure of a student's successful progression through an eligible program.  All aid recipients must maintain a Pace of Progression 67%.  The Pace is calculated by dividing the number of credits successfully completed by the total number of attempted credits.

3.  Maximum Time Frame.  Maximum Time Frame is defined as 150% of the standard length of the program.  If a student is not capable of successfully completing the program within 150% of the credits required for completion, the student loses eligibility and may not complete the program on financial aid.

For a downloadable copy of the full Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy, click here

Students who lose their financial aid eligibility may request reinstatement by submitting an appeal for financial aid reinstatement after bringing their academic records in compliance with the financial aid requirements or identifying mitigating circumstances and remedies that should be considered in reviewing the students progress.  For a copy of the Appeal for Financial Aid Reinstatement, click here.