SUBMIT YOUR 2014-2015 FAFSA Now.

Priority will be given to valid applications submitted by March 1 with files completed in a timely manner.


Be sure to check your financial aid portal weekly.

Disbursements:  Winter 2014 tuition payment is scheduled for December 30.

  • First disbursement to Higher One is scheduled for January 3, after 12:00 noon.
  • Loans for first time students must be delayed for 30 days of attendance.  First disbursement of loans for new students in Winter is scheduled for February 4.
  • Single Quarter Direct Loans are disbursed in two disbursements.  
    One disbursement will be at the start of the quarter (unless student is subject to the 30 day delay for first time, first year students) and the second disbursement at the mid-point.  For Winter 2014, the midpoint is February 11.

CHANGE IN TUITION DELAY POLICY.   In the past, the financial aid office was authorized to "delay" tuition payment/due date for students through the start of the quarter.  Beginning Winter, 2014, the financial aid office may  delay tuition payment (i.e. prevent classes from being canceled for non-payment) only until regular aid is available to be disubursed to student accounts -- except when tuition payment is guaranteed.  Therefore, tuition delays can no longer be placed when students are awaiting decisions on appeals, delayed in submitting verification documents, or awaiting aid processing after documents have been submitted, etc.  Tuition delays CAN be placed, when students are on waiting lists and aid is pending enrollment and when loans have been processed but are subjected to 30 day delays or mid-quarter disbursements.

On your Financial Aid Portal, you can--

  • Verify that you have an active financial aid application.
    • If so, personal information will appear under "Welcome Back".
    • Review your estimated cost of attendance, expected family contribution and financial need.
  • See the Financial Aid that has been awarded.
  • View comments and messages from the financial aid office.
  • Review documents and information requested and received.
  • Learn about loans you've taken and how much you can borrow.

To use the Financial Aid Portal, you will need to enter your Financial Aid Identifier (your Social Security Number) and THE FINANCIAL AID  PORTAL PIN NUMBER. [PIN stands for Personal Identification Number. Unless you have changed it, use your birth date in the "MMDDYY" format.] If you have chosen a PIN number that is less than six (6) digits, add a zero to the front of your PIN. If you have not applied for admission at YVCC please use your birth date (mmddyy).


Portal Notes:

  • We are currently displaying ONLY 2013-2014 data.  
  • In addition to documents needed, the portal displays satisfactory progress status codes earned at YVCC.  The "due date"  indicates when the status was assigned;  recognizing this date will help you determine if the status is an older or current status.  
  • Documents are processed in the order received. We recommend that you submit all required documents together within 3 weeks of our  request.  We will not penalize an early applicant because a response deadline was missed.  However, we cannot consider you for aid until your file is complete and has been reviewed.


  1. When the Stafford Loan Request form shows a received date, we have received the request.
  2. When the Stafford Loan has been added to your financial aid awards, we have requested approval of your loan from the Federal Government.
  3. When the net amount of loan disbursements are displayed, your loan has been approved by the Federal Government.
  4. It usually takes about one week after loan approval for funds to be ready for disbursement.  When funds are sent to Higher One. a notation is made in the portal.  Funds are sent to Higher One the morning after the date shown. 

Financial Aid Office Hours

Yakima Office Hours: 9:30 a.m. -12:30 p.m., Monday through Thursday.  Closed for processing on Fridays.