Beginning with the 2017-2018 financial aid application cycle, the starting date for n​ew applications has been moved up from the traditional January 1 date to October 1, nearly a full year before the beginning of the new school year.   As before, U.S. citizens and permanent residents will submit a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)  starting at the federal application site fafsa.gov.   Students and parents who have Social Security Numbers will speed the processing of their applications using the new FSA ID, or federal student aid identification, that will serve as an electronic signature and speed the application process by up to two weeks.  As in the past, the FAFSA is the only application needed for all aid awarded through the YVC financial aid office and for federal aid at any approved college in the country.  Using the FAFSA, students can submit applications for multiple schools without any cost.  Be sure to include Yakima Valley College, school code #003805 on the FAFSA.

Washington residents who are unable to submit a FAFSA due to Social Security, U.S. citizenship, or immigration concerns may be able to apply for Washington State Aid.  Since Washington State aid has opened financial aid to non-U.S. citizens and permanent U.S. residents, hundreds of students have been served at YVC with financial aid each year.    You may use the Washington Application for Student Financial Aid (WASFA) to apply for aid at any Washington college and you can apply at multiple schools with a single application.  Vist the readysetgrad.org/WASFA website for more information and to complete your application.

After your application has been submitted and you have been accepted as a student through the admissions process, students monitor the status of their financial aid file by checking the Student Financial Aid Portal. Unlike the financial aid office webpages that have general information and policies, the student financial aid portal provides specific information about a student's own financial aid application, including current status, documents that must be submitted to complete the file, logs of documents requested and received, as well as some important correspondence including responses to appeals and revision requests. 



Summer is the last term of the YVC aid year.  Look for the summer aid application on our forms page beginning the second week in May.  Aid is limited to Pell Grant (if you have not used a three full-time quarters of during the school year, and remaining Stafford Loan eligibility for the school year.)   There may be  a limited amount of grant funding for students graduating in summer.​

Up​on opening the student financial aid portal, students c​an verify that the new application has been received by using the drop down menu to select the appropriate school year.  If documents are needed to complete the file, they will be listed in the section labeled What We Need From You.  Once all the documents have been received and reviewed, your financial aid awards will be listed on the My Awards/Opportunity Pathways section of the portal.  Opportunity Pathways is a phrase used in the State of Washington to identify financial aid that is offered to help fund your education.  

Documents are reviewed by the financial aid staff by document type, in the order received, and priority is based on the application date and the date the file became complete.  The priority application date is March 1, and early applicants have access to the all the types of  funding that may be available for the school year.  As funds are depleted, students are awarded on a funds-available basis.  The final due date for any required financial aid document is a month prior to the last day of the student's enrollment within the award year.  However, we recommend that all documents be submitted at least four months prior to the beginning of fall quarter (the first quarter of the award year at YVC).  For starting in other quarters, completing your file at least two months before the start of the quarter is usually adequate.  

A complete financial aid file means that any/all required documents have been submitted to and processed by our office (and the student is in good standing for receiving financial aid). Look for financial aid awards for the fall to be listed in the student  financial aid portal beginning in summer.  Although the Financial Aid Office works hard to have as much aid as possible ready at the start of Fall Quarter,  later FAFSA and WASFA filers or late admits may receive a response later in the year and may not have aid ready by the beginning of fall quarter.  We expect students to make reasonable decisions about enrolling and accepting financial aid.  If your aid is not ready at the start of the quarter, if you are not able to purchase your books and be making progress from the first day, you may have a better start and a more successful career by waiting to begin the next quarter.



  Thank you for submitting the Appeal for Financial Aid Reinstatement. The appeal process requires that you explain the extenuating circumstances and how they hindered your progress and the remedies you have put in place to prevent the circumstances from reoccurring.  In your appeal, you ___________________________. As a result, your appeal has been denied.

   You are welcome to submit a new appeal that describes the circumstances that hindered your progress, how they impacted your academic performance, and the specific remedies you have put in place to prevent a reoccurrence.  Alternatively, you can appeal again after you take classes without the benefit of financial aid and bring your academic record into full compliance with the satisfactory progress policy

You are responsible for understanding and complying with the satisfactory progress requirements as described in the Policy posted on our website. Our regular service are 9:30 to 1:30, Monday through Thursday while classes are in session.  Future changes in office hours will always be posted on the financial aid office home website.

Get started... it's Easy as 1, 2, 3

1 Complete your FAFSA



    Apply for FAFSA     

If the link above is not active, just go to  http://www.fasfa.gov. Have the results sent to Yakima Valley College, using our Federal School Code 003805

 as early as possible.

If your family has already filed their income tax forms for the base year, we recommend using the IRS retrieval tool to populate the income data on your FAFSA.

If you are not eligible to use the FAFSA, check on the WASFA to see if you may be eligible for state aid at http://readysetgrad.org/wasfa.

2 Active enrollment status


Have an active enrollment status at YVCC.  If you will return after an absence of more than 4 quarters excluding summers, submit a new application for admission to Admissions.  Active enrollment status will be assumed for former students by the financial aid office; however, the student is responsible for maintaining eligibility to register for classes. Financial aid is available only to students enrolled in eligible programs in regular standing.

3 Verification process



Submit other documents as requested.  If the federal processor selects you for verification, or we need to clarify your status or information on your application, we will request additional information.

This might include copies of IRS Tax Transcripts, a Verification Worksheet or other documents.  Many of the forms will be available from the Forms link in the left column on this page.


Award notices are posted in the Financial Aid Portal for students who have followed the steps listed. Timing of notices depends on the date the file was completed and the number of applications received.

Additional Information


Is a process by which the financial aid office confirms your eligibility by verifying certain data elements that are key to assessing your financial need.​




Report changes in circumstances such a reduced income due to loss of a job, divorce, incapacitation or death of a family member etc...


The Free Application for Federal Student Aid is used by college students to determine their eligibility for student financial aid.





YOUR GRADES ARE IMPORTANT! Your grades will be checked to be sure you have passed your classes and your GPA is at least a 2.0 ("C" average). Check out the Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy for information about maintaining your eligibility.