Veterinary Technology




             1.    Submit an application to the Vet Tech Program.


              2.   Submit an application to the college via YVC's web site, and pay application fee.


Prerequisites are:

High school diploma or GED.

NOTE:  High school graduation is verified on a copy of your official transcript if it has been 5 years or less.  If it has been longer than 5 years since graduation or you have a GED, provide a copy of your diploma or certificate.

General Biology -- completion of one year of high school biology with a "C" or better OR completion of a General Biology with lab class (BIOL& 160 [formally BIOL 109] at YVC) with a "C" or better within 5 years of entrance into the program.


Chemistry -- completion of one year of high school chemistry with a "C" or better OR completion of an Intro to Chemistry class (CHEM& 100 at YVC) with a "C" or better within the last 5 years OR completion of a Principles of Chemistry with lab class (CHEM 109 at YVC) with a "C" or better.


Mathematics -- eligibility for Intermediate Algebra (MATH 095 at YVC) by either achieving a score of 58 or greater on the Compass Algebra Exam within the previous 12 months OR completion of a math class equal to YVC'S MATH 085 or advanced math class with a "C" or better. 


Reading -- achieve a score on Compass Exam indicating eligibility for college level reading or equivalent course work.  


English -- eligibility for English 101 by achieving a score of 82 or greater on the Compass Writing Exam within the last 12 months OR completion of English 101 or higher with a grade "C" or better.  


Animal Clinic Observation -- complete 50 hours of volunteer/observation/paid work at a veterinary clinic within the last 3 years and submit the Clinical Observation form. Observation should be under the direction of a veterinarian that is not a family member. This may not include time involved in treating your own animal.


Reference Forms -- students must submit 3 completed reference forms, including one from the veterinarian where clinical hours were completed.


Admission is based on high school and college grades, meeting the above-listed program prerequisites, reference letters, as well as work and veterinary experience.


Applications and all required forms and documentation is due May 1 each year for consideration to begin the program the following fall quarter.