Selection and Process

  1. Minimum college level G.P.A. of 2.7.
  2. Satisfactory completion of at least 4 program prerequisite courses by end of winter quarter.
  3. Candidate must meet general admission requirements of YVC.
  4. Candidates must be willing to complete a criminal background check and drug screen if accepted for program entrance. Background checks must prove to be satisfactory or participation in clinical education coursework will not be possible.
  5. Application files must be complete by March 1. If a student applies after March 1, they will only be considered if openings are available.


  • College level GPA
  • Program Interview
  • Prerequisite Courses
    • points are awarded for prerequisite courses
      A higher grade will receive a higher point value.
  • Required - Essay
    Describes why the applicant chose Radiologic Technology as a profession and states what characteristics the applicant has to make them qualified to become an R.T. The essay should be typed, double spaced; 1-3 pages in length. (applicant must submit 4 copies, one with name and 3 copies without any identifying information).
  • Interview
  • Optional Selection Criteria
    • proof of 8 hours visitation in an Imaging Department - use Hospital Visitation Instructions/Form - Must be completed by March 1.
    • proof of 40 hours volunteer time, or work related experience, in a patient care area - must be done within the last two years; [Volunteer time will be scheduled by the student, at the patient care facility of their choice. Volunteering must involve direct patient contact]; use Volunteer Time Sheet Form. - Must be completed by March 1.

Qualified applicants will be notified for an interview appointment via email listed on the application page. Interviews will be held mid spring quarter.

Notification of selection is completed by May 30.

Points for academic classes will be calculated at the end of winter quarter. Any official transcripts not received by April 20 will not be calculated in total or used to assess points. Courses taken spring quarter of application year do not apply to selection process.

It is the student's responsibility to ensure transcripts arrive to the RT department. It is suggested that the student email  an unofficial transcript at the end of winter quarter; and also make arrangements to have official transcript sent electronically to Yakima Valley College at