Beginning March 1, students applying to the CT program will be accepted in the order their applications are received, providing the student meets the minimum qualifications listed below.

  • Graduate of an ARRT approved radiology program by September 1.

  • Minimum college level GPA 3.2 by end of spring quarter.

  • ARRT certified in radiology by September 1.

If applicant applies to the CT program, but fails to achieve minimum qualifications by program start date, they will not be allowed to begin the CT program and the nonrefundable fee will be forfeited.

Final acceptance is subject to information received from the Criminal History/Drug Screening.

Notification of selection is completed by: April 20 of each year.

It is the student's responsibility to ensure transcripts arrive to the RT department. It is suggested that the student email cbeaudry@yvcc.edu to ensure that official transcripts have been sent to the Radiologic Sciences Program at Yakima Valley College; PO Box 22520; Yakima, WA 98907-2520.


General Information for the CT TECHNOLOGY Student

Complete Disclosure of Academic Performance

By law, education records, which contain information directly related to a student and maintained by an educational agency or institution can be shared with other school officials who have legitimate educational interests. You will need to give written permission for a Complete Disclosure of Academic Performance to YVC prior to entry into the CT Program.

Health Insurance

Each student participating in the clinical education program is strongly encouraged to acquire comprehensive health and accident insurance that will provide continuous coverage during his or her tenure in the program. Students are responsible for their own health care costs, health insurance coverage, and their own health needs, including injuries which might occur in the clinical setting.

Immunization Requirements

Students who are accepted to the CT Program must supply official documentation of their immunization status prior to entering the Program. Immunization status is coordinated through the YVC Radiologic Sciences Office. If a student's immunization record is incomplete, the student may be required to obtain immunizations or proof of immunity at their own expense. If immunizations expire, or new requirements are added while a student is enrolled in the program, it is the student's responsibility to provide the necessary documentation reflecting current immunization status.


Current Immunization requirements are as follows:

* TDAP  --  within the past 9 years.

* Measles, mumps, rubella injection (MMR)  --  RT students are required to have 2 doses of MMR in a lifetime.  In addition, MMR titers are required if it has been more than 8 years since the last vaccine.  If titers for Measles (Rubeola), Mumps, and Rubella, do not prove immunity, 1 MMR is required.

* Hepatitis B Vaccine (HEPB)  --  consists of a series of three injections; the second injection is given one month after the firs injection and the third injection is given six months after the first.     

* PPD Testing  --  RT students are required to have a two-series PPD, 1 -- 3 weeks apart unless they have had a PPD the two previous years.  Subsequent to the 2 step PPD, single dose PPD's are required annually.  A positive PPD test must furnish the results of a negative chest x-ray.

* Varicella  --  provide proof of inoculation, titer, or documentation that student has had chicken-pox.

* H1N1 Influenza  --  required annually.

 It is the student's responsibility to ensure compliance with these immunizations requirements.

Drug Screen and Criminal Background History  --  satisfactory clearance required prior to clinical practicum.  Information will be discussed at orientation.