Hazards and Risks

All occupations have inherent risks that prospective students should be aware of. The purpose of this Warning of Hazards & Risks is to bring students' (parents') attention to the existence of potential dangers in Radiologic Technology, and to aid them in making an informed decision concerning participation in the YVC RT Program, and in signing the Informed Acknowledgement of and Consent to Hazards and Risks Form.

Occupational hazards for the field of radiology include, but are not limited to:

  • exposure to infectious disease which may lead to side effects or death
  • exposure to hazardous processing chemicals or substances
  • accidental injury in the clinical setting or in route to or from a clinical site
  • injury or illness that can affect one's personal health or the health of an unborn child
  • exposure to radiation that may negatively affect one's health or the health of an unborn child


An injury or illness can impair one's general physical and/or mental health and may hinder one's future ability to earn a living, engage in business, social, or recreational activities, or generally impair one's ability to enjoy life. There may also be risk of injury, illness, or death resulting from causes not specified in the WARNING and NOTIFICATION of HAZARDS and RISKS.

In addition to acknowledging hazards and risks, the applicant must take responsibility regarding matters of safety involving self and others. After receiving instruction, students will be expected to demonstrate safety practices designed for radiology. Students must inform appropriate faculty of any relevant personal medical condition which might be hazardous or risky to self or others. A student may be required to submit permission from his/her personal physician to participate in radiology education activities.

Upon entering YVC'S Radiologic Sciences, the student will be required to sign an Informed Acknowledgement and Consent to Hazards & Risks form.

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