Nursing Course Sequence


The following course sequence outline is intended for students entering the program. Students who enter at priority level 2 and 3 may have additional nursing courses to complete before receiving an Associate Degree in Nursing (ADN).  Students should apply to the Nursing Program after completing required coursework.


Quarter #1Credits
NRSE 110 Theory6
NRSE 111 Practice6
TOTAL (must be completed to enter second quarter)12
Quarter #2Credits
NRSE 120 Theory6
NRSE 121 Practice6
TOTAL (must be completed to enter third quarter)12
Quarter #3Credits
NRSE 130 Theory6
NRSE 131 Practice6
TOTAL (must be completed to enter fourth quarter)12
Quarter #4Credits
NRSE 210 Theory6
NRSE 211 Practice6
TOTAL (must be completed to enter fifth quarter)12
Quarter #5Credits
NRSE 220 Theory5
NRSE 221 Practice6
NRSE 228Legal & Professional Issues of the Registered Nurse
TOTAL (must be completed to enter sixth quarter)12
Quarter #6Credits
NRSE 230 Theory5
NRSE 231 Practice6
NRSE 238 - Profession of Nursing1
Total Program Credits72


A complete course description for the Nursing courses can be found here.

Gainful Employment Data

The US Department of Education requires colleges to disclose specific information for any financial aid eligible program that prepares students for gainful employment in a recognized occupation. This information includes costs, program length, on-time completion rates, job placement rates, average loan debt incurred by students, and career information.

Gainful Employment Program Information