Nursing Application.pdf     This application is used for all application deadlines

For your convenience we have created the YVC Nursing application as a PDF file that you may type your information into.  A few of the pages are left blank intentionally for those that duplex print. (front to back). 

All applicants are notified regarding acceptance, or denial, no later then the end of the month directly following an application deadline date. (IE, June 30th applicants are notified no later than the end of July. etc.)

Letters are mailed to the address on the application.

Additional forms to include with your application.


 (requires care provider signatures and/or other documentation) 

Immunization form.pdf  ​(Must be signed by healthcare provider or designee.)

Annual TB Questionnaire.pdf (only use this form if you have had a postiive PPd and/or a negative chest xray in the last 2 years. Otherwise, other requirements will have to be met.) 

Where do I send my application?

If mailing, applications are sent to:  Nursing- P.O. Box 22520, Yakima, WA 98907-2520

Students may also hand deliver their applications to the Nursing Department. We are located in the Sundquist Building, Room S141.

All applications, TEAS results, and evaluated transcripts are due no later than 4 PM on each application deadline date. Applicants are notified by mail, no later than the end of the month, following a deadline. Ie, end of February, October and July. 

Due to the amount of time and work involved with reviewing all applications, we ask that you not call to inquire about your application status before the end of the following months.

 What must be completed by the application deadline?

1. You must have applied to Yakima Valley College, paid the $30.00 application fee, and been accepted. This applies to any student who has not attended YVC in four quarters previous to an application deadline. This must be completed minimally 4 weeks before the nursing application deadline.

2. Your transcripts must be complete in the evaluation process. While every effort is made, by the transcript evaluator, to complete transcript evaluations in a timely manner, some transcripts  may not make the review process. We ask that you allow up to 4 weeks for transcript evaluation.

3.  The TEAS test must be completed by 4 PM on the application deadline day. You may take the test at YVC, or at a regional testing center. If you test at a regional testing center, you will be required to have ATI forward your TEAS transcript to the YVC Nursing Department. If you take the TEAS at YVC, we have the ability to look your score up. We cannot accept test scores directly from students. Information regarding the TEAS may be found on our TEAS link.

What needs to be included with my application?

1. If you are wanting to be awarded points for licensure, you must include a copy of your active license. Expired  licenses, and/or test results will not count. You may follow this link to the Department of Health website to print a copy of your credential.

2. Include whatever immunizations you have to date. You do not need to have them all completed, however if accepted, there is a small amount of time for you to complete these requirements. 

​3. Include a copy of your CPR car​d if you have it. We only accept the American Heart Association card for the Health Care Provider. If you do not have a CPR card, it will not prevent your application from being reviewed. If you are accepted, we will provide you with a timeline with which to obtain one in.