​​General Program Information

Beginning with the class admitted in fall 2018, Nutrition 101 will be included in calculation of the GPA points for admission to the Nursing Program.

It is important for pre-nursing students to work closely with an advisor in preparing for the Nursing Program. Advisors can help students decide which classes to take and the sequence in which they should be taken. If students have questions about nursing as a career or about the Nursing Program, they should contact a nursing program advisor. Although advisors are assigned alphabetically, students may request re-assignment of an advisor at any time.

Advising is done alphabetically by the student's last name and listed below are the instructors to contact:

Nursing Program Assistant and general program contact:                                              Email: nursing@yvcc.edu                                             Main office phone number: 509-574-4902

A-CWendy Bakerwbaker@yvcc.edu509-574-4901
D-GMichelle Closnermclosner@yvcc.edu509-574-4905
H-KLaura Morganlmoran@yvcc.edu 
L-NCarol Millironcmilliron@yvcc.edu509-574-4903
N-RE'Raina Hatchehatch@yvcc.edu509-574-4912
S-TSusan Gleesonsgleeson@yvcc.edu509-574-4910
U-ZPeggy O'NeilMoneil@yvcc.edu 509-574-4925
Program Coordinator​Rhonda Taylorrtaylor@yvcc.edu509-574-4909

The nursing faculty are frequently off campus, at clinic sites, for several days in a row, therefore emails to your advisor may receive faster responses. Any student who does not receive a response from their advisor in 24 hours, are encouraged to contact the Nursing Program Coordinator or the Nursing Program Assistant.

During the summer months, nursing faculty are unavailable. For questions or assistance, please contact the Nursing Program Assistant.​

​YVC Non-Discrimination Statement

Yakima Valley College is an Equal Opportunity Employer and operates under an Affirmative Action Plan in accordance with applicable federal and state laws and regulations. It is the policy of Yakima Valley College to provide a working and learning environment free from discrimination, harassment and retaliation. This policy prohibits conduct that discriminates against individuals based on their race, color, creed, religion, national origin, sex, sexual orientation and/or gender identity, age, marital status, disability (including the use of a specially trained guide dog or other service animal), genetic information, honorably discharged veteran or military status, status as a disabled veteran, Vietnam era veteran, or the right of a mother to breastfeed her child.

Essential Behaviors for Nursing Students

Essential behaviors refer to those physical, cognitive and behavioral abilities and competencies required for safe, satisfactory completion of all aspects of the nursing program. Complete detail regarding the essential behaviors for nursing students may be found by clicking here.

Computer Literacy

 Although no specific computer courses are required for admission to the Nursing Program, many assignments within the program will require the students to have a working knowledge and competency with Microsoft Word or a compatible word processing system, as well as keyboarding skills. Computer access is available in Raymond Library on the YVC Yakima campus, but students will find it helpful to have a personal computer and printer.

Estimated Program Expenses
Information provided regarding program expenses is updated when a tuition change occurs. An estimate of program costs, excluding coursework taken prior to program entry, is found by clicking on the PDF file below. This estimate does not include living expenses.  General Program Expenses.pdf

Immunization and CPR Requirements
Students who have applied to the Nursing Program must supply official documentation of their immunization status prior to entering the first quarter of the Nursing Program.

If Immunization status is not officially verified prior to beginning the nursing program, enrollment is jeopardized and clinical placement is prohibited. It is the students responsibility to ensure that all immunizations and/or proof of immunity documentation be submitted on time (prior to the start of the program and any quarter thereafter). Immunizations and any needed laboratory testing are done at the student's expense.

A complete list of required immunizations and CPR card is found here: ​Immunization Requirements.pdf