​​​​​FAQ's About Admission to the Nursing  Program

​Use the link below to see a list of required courses for admission to the Nursing Program

Who can I contact for advising?

It is important for pre-nursing students to work closely with an advisor in preparing for the Nursing Program.  Advisors can help students decide which classes to take and the sequence in which they should be taken.  If students have questions about nursing as a career or about the Nursing Program, they should contact a Nursing Program advisor. Although advisors are assigned alphabetically, students may request re-assignment of an advisor at any time. Advising is done alphabetically by the student’s last name and listed below are the instructors to contact:

A-CWendy Bakerwbaker@yvcc.edu509-574-4901
D-GMichelle Closnermclosner@yvcc.edu 509-574-4905
H-KLaura Morganlmorgan@yvcc.edu509-574-4908
L-NCarol Millironcmilliron@yvcc.edu509-574-4903
N-RE'Raina Hatchehatch@yvcc.edu 509-574-4912
S-TSusan Gleeson​sgleeson@yvcc.edu
U-ZPeggy O'Neilmoneil@yvcc.edu 509-574-4925
Program Coordinator​Rhonda Taylorrtaylor@yvcc.edu509-574-4909

Nursing Program Assistant and general program contact:  nursing@yvcc.edu  509-574-4902

The Nursing faculty are frequently off campus, at clinic sites, for several days in a row, emails to your advisor may receive faster responses. Any student who does not receive a response from their advisor in 24 hours, is encouraged to contact the Nursing Program Coordinator or the Nursing Program Assistant. *During the summer quarter, nursing faculty are working off campus. Any email or phone message left for them could potentially not be answered until the Fall quarter begins.

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What classes do I need to take?

The complete list of required courses is found in the attachment below.

Requisite Courses.pdf​​  

Credit deficiencies: 

If you have fewer than the required credits for any given subject area, but have the required classes, you will be required to make up the additional credits in that subject area, with courses that are relevant to your Nursing degree (subject to approval of the Dean of Health Science Education). For example, if you transfer in 4 credits in General Psychology and 4 credits in Lifespan Psychology, you have 8 credits total. Because you are deficient in your credits, you will need take an additional class in Psychology or Sociology to make up the additional credits. Please have additional classes approved by the Nursing Education office before taking them.

​​Applicants need to complete 15 credits in Humanities electives to graduate from the YVC Nursing Program.  5 credits must come from a communication classification. (ENG 102 will satisfy this requirement)

 A complete list of elective courses is located in the YVC College Catalog distribution list. A link to the catalog is provided below and will redirect you away from the nursing website.  


What other requirements are there for admission?

The YVC Nursing Program requires applicants seeking admission to take the Test of Essential Academic Skills (TEAS) and pass a criminal history background check with 10 panel drug screen.

What is The Test of Essential Academic Skills ? (TEAS)

The TEAS assesses reading, writing, math and science. Students must score at the “BASIC” level or higher in each area. You may find information on how the categories are assessed by viewing the 

TEAS V Score TABLE.pdf.

The Test of Essential Academic Skills (TEAS) is required for all students seeking admission to the YVC Nursing Program. Results must be submitted electronically, one week prior to the application deadline. This test is intended​ for students who have completed or are near completion of the required coursework as some content in the exam may relate to content in these courses.

Applicants will receive up to 10 points toward admission based on the TEAS test results. TEAS application points are found by taking the Adjusted Individual Total Score and dividing that by 10. (i.e. 78% =7.8 points)

The TEAS test must be completed one week prior to the application deadline day.

Where  is the TEAS given?  how  much   does  it  cost and when  is  it  offered?

Information regarding, the TEAS may be found by clicking here.

Instructions related to taking the TEAS through YVC is found by clicking TEAS Testing Information.pdf

When is the Criminal  History Background Check done?

If offered tentative acceptance to the program, further instructions on registering for the background check will be provided in a tentative acceptance packet. The cost to the student to complete this requirement is paid directly to VERIFIED CREDENTIALS.

Admission to the Nursing Program is tentative until results of the Criminal History Background check and 12 panel drug screen are received in the Nursing Department. The background check and drug screen must be completed through VERIFIED CREDENTIALS.

Applicants with a positive background check report may be denied entry based on the type of conviction and time lapse since the conviction.

How  will  applicants  be  prioritized for  admission?

Currently the YVC Nursing Program is considering applications from applicants who are at Priority Level I. Information regarding prioritization for admission is found on the Prioritization for Admission page.

How  important  are my grades in  the required  courses?

Grades account for 80% of the admission application process and are therefore, extremely important. A complete list of the courses used in factoring the GPA is found in the Required Courses PDF file.

​Remember that there are other factors that will contribute to the admission application for additional points. These can be found on the Prioritization for Admission page.

Can I estimate  what  my admission application points would  be?

Yes. For your convenience a calculation form is provided that will help you get a better sense of how many points you may have for the admission application. Examples of accepted licensure is found on our Prioritization for Admission page.  Additional information regarding second language and reapplication points is covered on our prioritization for admission page.

This application estimator form will require the use of EXCEL. When prompted, save the file to your computer before attempting to open. This is only an estimator and not a guarantee of your actual points. That will be officially determined by the Nursing Program.


What are the deadlines for applying to  the YVC Nursing Program?

YVC offers three opportunities for application and acceptance to the program.

Jan. 30th (for Spring admission)   June 30th (for Fall admission)   Sept. 15th (for Winter admission)

What if I have never attended college before or YVC?

If you have never attended a college, university or YVC before, you will need to do the following:

·   Apply to YVC for Admission

·   Pay a $30.00 fee associated with the YVC Admission application.  This is done either in person or by mail and delivered to the Cashiers office in the Deccio Higher Education building.

·   Complete the college entrance exam.

·   If applicable, apply for Federal Financial Aid.

I have college credits from another college or university. Will these courses transfer  and satisfy the program requirements?

Transfer of Credits:

Credits transferred from another college or university will be evaluated by the Registrar's Office to determine equivalency and whether or not the coursework will satisfy nursing program course requirements. Transcripts do not need to be provided for courses taken at YVC. Transcripts must arrive from all schools attended.

  •  One official transcript must be sent to the Nursing Department, and 
  •  One official transcript is provided to the Admissions Office. 

Failure to provide transcripts from all schools attended, prior to submission of your application, may result in denial of admission to the YVC nursing program.

Course work from another institution that receives a “P” or “S” will be awarded a 2.0 GPA and grade of “C”. Credit will not be given for any grade lower than a “C”.

It is advised that transcripts from  other  colleges and  universities  be  submitted  at least  four  weeks  prior to the  nursing program application  deadline. An evaluation may take longer than 4 weeks if additional information is requested to determine equivalency.

By law, education records which contain information directly related to a student and maintained by an educational agency or institution can only be shared with other school officials who have legitimate educational interests.  Written permission for a complete disclosure of academic performance must be submitted to the YVC Nursing Program to be considered for admission to the Nursing Program.

Transcript evaluation:

Applicants are responsible for providing official transcripts from schools other than YVC.  Applicants are also responsible for keeping their files updated with transcripts for courses completed after filing their application. Before an evaluation of transcripts can be made, the student, if not already attending YVC, must apply for admission to the college and pay the $30.00 application fee. No transcript evaluation can take place until this has been accomplished.

Admission to the nursing program cannot be determined until official transcripts have been completely evaluated and the results have been provided to the nursing program, PRIOR to the application deadline. Students should be aware of the following:

·   Allow up to 4 weeks for transcript evaluation. 

·   Per Yakima Valley College policy, students who have not attended Yakima Valley College for    the preceding four quarters are required to re-apply for admission to the college to obtain “active” student status. 

·   Transcripts cannot be evaluated if students are not considered an “active student” at Yakima Valley College. Therefore it is recommended that if it has been longer than 4 quarters since last attending YVC, you re-apply for admissions and pay the $30.00 application fee, a minimum of 4 weeks prior to an application deadline. 

​Can I be  admitted  to  the  YVC nursing  program  if I have  failed a course/courses in another nursing  program?

Students applying to the Nursing Program that have failed theory or clinical courses in another nursing program will be asked to provide documentation regarding performance indicators in the course or courses from their previous program. The YVC Nursing Program reserves the right to deny admission if there is reasonable concern about a student’s ability to perform safely and ethically in the clinical setting. The Nursing Program may decide to admit a student with conditions which would be documented and agreed upon prior to beginning the program.

Students who fail to disclose attendance and/or unsatisfactory work in another nursing program may be subject to immediate dismissal from the YVC Nursing Program if the information becomes available while they are enrolled.

How  much will it cost to attend YVC and what kind of financial assistance  may I qualify for?


Tuition expenses are based on the number of credits a student registers for. YVC publishes current tuition rates and fees prior to the start of fall quarter. You may find this table by clicking here.

Federal Financial Aid

The Federal Government offers financial assistance to qualified applicants. Funding is based on various factors. All students are encouraged to apply for Federal Financial Aid, at the earliest time possible, to ensure that an award is available when the student begins taking courses.  More information on how to apply for financial aid can be found here.

Once  I am in the Nursing Program, what are  my anticipated  costs?

The cost for participation in the YVC Nursing Program will change when there are changes to the school tuition rate. The table provided may be used to estimate program costs. To view estimated Nursing Program expenses, please click on the title below.