For questions about the program we encourage you to contact the Nursing Program and Nursing Faculty by email or telephone. The Program Assistant will either assist with the question or connect you to the appropriate nursing faculty member.

Nursing Program Assistant and general program contact: 509-574-4902phone logo.png
Nursing Advisors are assigned alphabetically based on the first letter of your last name. Please choose the advisor associated to your last name.
Nursing Faculty advisors:
Wendy Baker
509-574-4901call: 509-574-4901
Barbara Bartz
509-574-4903phone logo.png
William Spaletta
509-574-4908phone logo.png
N-SSherry Donovan
509-574-4912phone logo.png
Margaret O'Neil
509-574-4925phone logo.png
​Program Coordinator
Rhonda Taylor
509-574-4909phone logo.png