​​​​​​Admission Process and Prioritization for Admission

Beginning with the class admitted in fall 2018, Nutrition 101 will be included in calculation of the GPA points for admission to the Nursing Program.

Admission will be based on the "Prioritization for Admission" criteria. Using these criteria, students with the highest number of points will be offered admission first, regardless of their place of res​​idence. Applicants to the nursing program must be admitted to YVC.

The following information pertains to the method for prioritization for admission. Where there are more qualified applicants than spaces, the program admits at Priority Level 1. Each time a student applies to the program, they will be prioritized with that particular pool of students. Consequently, admission to that class may be more or less competitive.

What is factored into Prioritizing?

The YVC Nursing program uses a point system when processing and prioritizing applications for admission.

  • 80% (or 80 points) is allocated for cumulative GPA in the 8 required entry courses. Repeated course grades are averaged. ie. , PSYC&100 with a "C" the first time and an "A" the second will have the value of a "B" or 3.0 when used to calculate GPA points.
  • 10% (or 10 points) is allocated for TEAS test score (calculation) (ie., a score of 78% on the Adjusted Individual Total Score, is equivalent to 7.8 points.)
  • 6 % (or 6 points) is allocated for licensure in a human health related field. Licensure is validated through the Washington State Department of Health. You may find the Department of Health Credential search by following this link. Department Of Health list of licensure .  Select "Healthcare provider".    In the "Credential Type" box, use the drop down arrow to review a list of licenses through the Department of Health.   Any  licens​e has to be a result of completion of an approved program and/or from an accredited college or university. 
  • 2% (or 2 points) is allocated for second Language proficiency in a language other than English. Applicants are required to contact the Nursing Program Assistant (nursing@yvcc.edu or call 509.574.4902) to arrange for testing. Please initiate contact one month prior to the end of Fall, Winter and/or Spring quarter. Testing is set to occur quarterly, during final exam week only.
  • 2% (or 2 points) is allocated for re-application. The applicant must have successfully met all eligibility requirements but was not admitted to the program. Once awarded, these points remain with the applicant for any potential future application (if applicable) It is not cumulative.

In order for a student to receive the reapplication points, all program eligibility requirements must have been met.

GPA Requirement
Students must maintain a cumulative GPA of 2.5 in all required nursing program course work. No grade below a “C” will be accepted in any required or elective course.

How are the Prioritization Levels for admission applied?
The YVC Nursing program prioritizes admission based on courses completed. The current prioritization level for admission will be posted on the YVC Nursing website. The following paragraph describes the prioritization process.

Priority Level

Priority Level I” applies to students who have completed ALL non-elective required courses.

“Priority Level II” applies to students who have completed ALL non-elective required courses with the exception of Nutrition 101. (NUTR& 101)​​