Information Technology

IT Computer User certificate


Course ​Title ​Credit
​IT 100​Introduction to Computers​3
​IT 102​Windows​2
​IT 104​Internet Essentials​3
​IT 111​Spreadsheet Introduction​2
​IT 115​Database Introduction​2
​IT 120​PowerPoint​2
​IT 124​Publisher​3
​IT 221​Spreadsheet Advanced​4
​IT 225​Database Advanced​4
​BA 115​Business Math​5
​BA 138​Written Business Communications ​OR
​ENGL& 101​English Composition I​5
​BT 101​Beginning Keyboarding​5
​ ​ ​Total Credits - 40

Gainful Employment Data

The US Department of Education requires colleges to disclose specific information for any financial aid eligible program that

Prepares students for gainful employment in a recognized occupation.

This information includes costs, program length, on-time completion rates, job placement rates, average loan debt incurred by students, and career information.

Gainful Employment Program Information