​ Selection Process

Consistent with accreditation standards for dental hygiene education programs, selection is based on specific criteria and procedures.



The completed forms and application fee must be received by the first Friday in February.

1. Application Coversheet   

2.  Prerequisite Course Plan for current and future course work to include:

  • The date and college where the course-work was completed, or will be completed.

  • All prerequisite courses must be addressed on the "Course Plan".

  • Grade point average of the prerequisite courses (including winter quarter of the year of application) with emphasis on math and sciences will be used in the selection computations.

  • A minimum of 5 math/science dental hygiene prerequisite courses must be completed by the end of the winter quarter.

  • A minimum of 8 prerequisite courses must be completed by winter quarter. Number of prerequisite courses completed-counted through winter quarter of the year applying.

  • Credit toward acceptance will be extended to applicants completing full-time study of college level courses including one or more dental hygiene prerequisite course prior to spring quarter of the year applying.

  • Dental Hygiene is a demanding science based program with up to 23 credits in each quarter, therefore, additional consideration will be afforded those applicants who demonstrate the ability to successfully complete a full load (15 college level credits or more) to include one or more dental hygiene prerequisites with a quarter GPA of 3.0 or more.

3.   Official College Transcripts for ALL colleges attended-- submitted in duplicate. (Official YVC transcripts are not required – unofficial transcripts will be printed and submitted with the other application materials).​

  • All transcripts, including a copy of the winter quarter registration form (if applicable), and all other required documents must be received by the first Friday in February of the year of application. Include a copy of the request for transcripts forms.

  • Grade point average of the prerequisite dental hygiene courses is determined by evaluation of official transcripts including fall and winter quarters of the current year.

  • Transcripts may be mailed directly to Yakima Valley College, clearly marked Attention: Dental Hygiene Department.

  • If transcripts are issued under a different name than referred to in the application process, it is the applicant's responsibility to request the sending institution include the current applicant name on the transcript.

To allow prompt selection and notification of dental hygiene applicants, unofficial transcripts or grade reports for the current winter quarter should be sent or faxed (509-574-6875) immediately upon posting of grades, to be followed by an official transcript.

Accepted applicants must submit official transcripts for SPRING and SUMMER quarter (when applicable for remaining completed prerequisite courses) no later than the first Friday in July and September respectively.​

4. Health Sciences Reasoning Test (HSRT) Contact Adilene Chavez at (509) 574-4916 for further information.

5.  High School Transcripts or GED Certificate. Official high school transcripts may be mailed directly from the high school. An official copy of the GED certificate is required.

6.   Dental Hygiene Observation (A fully completed form is required of all applicants). Minimum experience required is 20 hours of observation of a dental hygienist. This experience must include signed validation of the observation of administration of local anesthetic by a dental hygienist, and initial periodontal therapy (quadrant scaling), performed by the dental hygienist. Observation of restorative procedures is also required (restorative procedures may be performed by a dental hygienist or dentist). The observation form must include the hours, dates and verification signature of licensed dental hygienist.

7. Additional Dental work experience (optional)- clearly documented and signed, verifying the total number of hours of dental work experience. One form per employer to document up to 3200 total hours. 

  • Credit is earned according to the type and duration of the work experience.

  • Include a brief explanation of the skills in which the applicant feels competent.

8.  Dental assisting education (when applicable) - documentation of completion of an American Dental Association Certified Dental Assisting Program or non-certified Dental Assisting Program. Specify the total number of training hours.

  • Include a certificate of completion of the dental assisting training program, including hours and credits.

9.  Language skills in a language additional to English or competence in American Sign Language (optional-must be assessed by completion of the ALTA test when applicable). Applicants need not be fluent in a second language. Various skill levels can be assessed. Contact Adilene Chavez at (509) 574-4916 for further information. 

Applicants must be proficient in reading, writing and speaking English.

  • Foreign Language testing will be made available through ALTA Language Services, Inc.

  • The language test is a speaking/listening test administered by qualified ALTA interpreters, by telephone.

  • There is a cost associated with the test.

  • Testing is scheduled by the dental hygiene department.

  • Testing candidates must contact the dental hygiene department (509)574-4916 to determine the following:

  • Testing dates (call after November 1)

  • Name of the candidate

  • Phone number of the candidate

  • Language to be tested

  • In order to be tested on the scheduled date, testing must be prepaid by credit card after contacting the dental hygiene department.

Testing candidates are required to provide last 4 digits of the social security number as test identity information.

If ALTA language testing was administered at sites other than Yakima Valley College, official (ALTA only) results must be received in the dental hygiene department by the first Friday in February.

10.   Personal Data Form

11.   Disclosure of Academic Performance

12.  Additional Information: The following information may be submitted in support of the application and will be reviewed by the selection committee. Official documentation is required.

  • Honors and special awards

  • Leadership Activities

  • Community Service

  • Team experiences (other than employment)

Other Standardized tests may be included as appropriate.


Acceptance (and enrollment) is contingent upon the satisfactory completion of the prerequisite course. A minimum of 2.5 cumulative GPA for all prerequisite courses and a minimum grade of "2.0" in each prerequisite course must be achieved. All prerequisite courses must be completed prior to the beginning of fall quarter of expected enrollment in the dental hygiene program.

Selection into the dental hygiene program is based on the following criteria and emphasis:

  • Approximately 75% - grade point average of the prerequisite courses.

  • Approximately 25% - completion points for prerequisite courses; dental field experience; proficiency in a second language or American Sign Language; Standardized Tests; community service, honors, and leadership experience, when applicable. (Documentation validating community service, etc. is required).

Applicants will be notified of their acceptance status by the fourth Friday in April.

  • 18 students will be offered a position in the program.

  • Additional qualified applicants may be placed on the alternate list. Ranking of the alternate list is not disclosed.

Applicants may be notified of acceptance up to the first day of classes in September.

Scholarship opportunities are available through the YVC Foundation. The applicant is also encouraged to investigate additional scholarship opportunities.