Yakima Valley Community College Dental Hygiene admissions/selection procedures are reviewed on a yearly basis. For the most current information regarding the application process; check the revision date on the application packet, the Web Page or call the Dental Hygiene Department.

Application Process: Complete the online application, download additional application forms and send $25.00 with the appropriate forms to apply to the dental hygiene program by the first Friday in February.
Application fees are non-refundable.

Applications are accepted between December 1 and the first Friday in February.
Review of applications begins the first Friday in February.

Applicants MUST apply to the YVCC Dental Hygiene Program via the Web Page site at YVCC "Dental Hygiene Application" page by typing in personal and educational history in the spaces provided, and sending it to the program via the Internet. The information automatically transmits into a database, which simplifies the application process for the program.


Please send the following completed forms (applicable forms can be downloaded from the website) to the dental hygiene department in one envelope to simplify processing procedures:

  • Prerequisite Course Plan Form
  • Dental Work Experience Verification Form(s)
  • Dental Observation Form
  • Second Language Verification Form (ALTA only) (optional)
  • Winter Quarter Registration Form
  • Disclosure of Academic Performance
  • Personal Data Form
  • Official College Transcripts (2 copies) or copy of transcript request form in the event transcripts are sent directly to YVCC
  • Official high school or GED transcripts
  • YVCC College Application with a separate check for $30 check payable to YVCC
  • Other documentation to support the application

It is the applicant's responsibility to ensure that complete and up-to-date transcripts are on file in the Dental Hygiene department.

Incomplete files will not be processed.


Attention Applicants with pre-requisites scheduled for winter quarter.

Official confirmation of enrollment for winter quarter must accompany application materials or be received in the dental hygiene department by the first Friday in February.

In the event changes are made in winter quarter courses, the Dental Hygiene department must be notified immediately by fax (509) 574-6875 or e-mail

Applicants must meet all college admissions requirements, college policies and procedures.