After Writing, Reading, Math and prerequisite requirements have been completed, students are eligible to begin the Allied Health Core courses

Step 1: Register for the following courses. These courses may be taken together in one quarter, or may be taken on a part time basis depending on the student's individual schedule. If you are completing these courses on a part-time basis, it is desirable to complete them in the order listed.

PTECH 120   Technical Writing5 credits
PTECH 115  
BA 115 (Medical Billing & Coding students only)
Technical Math
Business Math                                                         
3 credits
5 credits
AH 119           Medical Terminology5 credits
AH 110           Human Body in Health and Disease I5 credits
AH 105           Introduction to Pharmacology3 credits
AH 108           Communication and Legal Concepts in Health Care 5 credits
AH 120           Human Body in Health and Disease II5 credits
AH 155           First Aid/CPR/Blood Borne Pathogens           2 credits
AHBC 101     Introduction to Coding3 credits

AHBC 102 

Introduction to Billing2 credits

Step 2: ​Immunization Requirement
Step 3:  Students must meet with their program advisor while completing the above courses in order to receive an application packet for their specific program. Students are responsible to read application packet materials in a timely fashion in order to complete requirements and meet application deadlines. No incomplete applications will be accepted.

Step 4:  After the completion ofeach quarter, transcripts for students applying for programs will be run. Applications will be evaluated and acceptances given based on the point system provided in the application packet. Students will be notified of acceptance status by mail.


  1. Admission to all Programs is tentative until results of the Criminal History Background check and Drug Screen are received in the Allied Health Technology Department.

  2. If the student has been accepted into his or her desired program, an acceptance packet will be provided. The material in the packet must be returned by the specified deadline or the acceptance will be given to an alternate candidate. Students will then schedule to meet with a faculty advisor to discuss their remaining coursework for the program into which they have been accepted.

    Please Note: Some programs may at times require full time coursework, including daytime hours.
  3. If the student has not been accepted into his or her desired program, the student may elect to continue to take Allied Health Core courses and resubmit a program application for thenext program acceptance.

Step 5:  Students who are accepted after a second application follow step 3a to obtain a schedule for the remainder of their program. Students who are not accepted into their desired program after completion of all Allied Health Core courses may elect to apply the following quarter for the same or a differing program. As students will not be allowed to register for program specific courses prior to acceptance, it is advisable to schedule an appointment with a faculty advisor to discuss options.
Number of Annual Acceptances by Program and Quarter
Medical Assisting 30 acceptances annually 15 each Fall andSpring
Medical Billing and Coding 20 acceptances annually 20 each Winter
Pharmacy Technician
10 acceptances annually
10 each Fall
Surgical Technology
8-12acceptances annually
8-12each Fall

Re-entry into Programs: Students who have received less than a C in program specific courses, or withdraw from program specific courses, will be considered for reentry into their program of choice based on space availability and may be required to re-apply for their program of choice.