​​​Required Background Check and Drug Test for all Allied Health Programs

Admission to all programs is tentative until results of the Criminal History Background check and Drug screen are received in the Allied Health Technology Department and reviewed by potential clinical sites for placement opportunities.

The Background check and drug screen must be completed through VERIFIED CREDENTIALS. No previous drug screens or background checks will be accepted. Instructions on registering for the background check and drug screening will be provided in an acceptance letter.

The current cost to the student to complete this requirement is $88.00 and is paid directly to VERIFIEDCREDENTIALS. Failure to comply within the specified timeline will result in being dropped from the program.

Information gained from background check and drug screen may prevent a student from being able to complete the program of his/her choice or obtaining certification/licensure in the chosen profession.

​​If you have any questions or concerns about your ability to pass a background/drug screen test, pursue your education, or practice the profession, please make arrangements for a confidential appointment with your academic advisor/program chair. You have the opportunity to voluntarily disclose information related to the above topics when completing your acceptance packet to the program.