​ Vineyard Technology Degree    

Program description
The degree emphasizes the sustainable grape production principles in Washington with specialization in the integrated management of insects, weeds, diseases and crop production. Practical hands-on training will be provided in all aspects of vineyard operations, and students will obtain broad knowledge of viticulture, mathematics and applied sciences.

Program outcomes
Students completing the AAS will be able to:

  • Practice efficient grape production procedures, and understand the importance of the timing in specific vineyard operations
  • Understand canopy and crop load management in relation to pruning and irrigation methodology
  • Identify insects and diseases and their impact in the vineyard
  • Keep appropriate safety and compliance records, observe all safety protocols, obtain pesticide certification
  • Use learned management skills to supervise personnel and provide training of safety and work requirements
  • Develop a vineyard business management plan
Course NumberCourse TitleCredits
Fall Year 1  
AG 120Intro to Washington Wines2
AGSCI 101Plant Science5
AGSCI 135General Viticulture3
MATH 085Beginning Algebra or higher5
Winter Year 1  
AG 125Safety and Labor Management5
AGSCI 131Terroir3
CHEM 100Introduction to Chemistry5
Spring Year 1  
AGSCI 112Essentials of Winemaking3
CHEM 109/110Principles of Chemistry5
BA 138Written Business Communications5
Summer Year 1  
AGSCI 233Summer Viticulture3
AG 190aCooperative Field Experience4
Fall Year 2  
WGMT 112Irrigation (taken w/ WWCC)4
AGSCI 212Winemaking5
BA 115Business Math5
Winter Year 2  
AGECN 210Farm Management5
AGSCI 201Soils5
AGSCI 213Integrated Pest Management5
AGSCI 234Winter Viticulture2
Spring Year 2  
AGSCI 214Sustainable Agriculture5
AGSCI 235Vineyard Management5
 Program Total99

Course scheduling may change to meet program needs.