Q: What is the timeline for this project? Q: How are exams taken for online courses?

A: Two courses will be redesigned by August of 2011. An additional nine courses will be transitioned by August of 2012 and three more by August of 2013.

A: Exams can be written by the instructor in the CMS. Instructors can choose from a variety of questions formats including multiple choice, true or false, short answer and essay.

Q: What is an online Course?

Q: Who is going to benefit?
A: These are courses where communication between the instructor and students is through internet based course management system (CMS), such as Angel. In the CMS students have access to the course syllabus, schedule, lectures, reading materials, assignments, exams, discussion boards and chat rooms. A: Students benefit by having the opportunity to pursue or continue their jobs in the wine industry while obtaining their degrees. Instructors benefit by having the option to travel to conferences, professional development seminars or other off-site locations when needed.
Q: What is a hybrid course? Q: How do you participate in an online/hybrid course?
A: Hybrid courses use some or all of the applications within the CMS as the access point for the bulk of the course content. For hybrid courses instructors and students meet occasionally face to face for lectures, labs or exams. A: YVCC believes that students must attend the course in order to achieve the best learning results. For online courses, attendance is defined as active participation in the form of attending synchronous class meetings (if applicable), completing reading/writing/testing assignments by assigned deadlines and maintaining regular communication with course instructor via the online course site and communication tools designated by the instructor. For courses with a practicum/workshop component, students must participate and complete the number of hours of practical experience required. Instructors may assign an attendance grade as part of the course grade.