Agribusiness: This degree is offered jointly between the Agriculture and Business Programs. You will develop an understanding of basic business management and agriculture production principles that can be applied to the management and operation agribusiness firms.

Food Technology: This degree provides you with an understanding of the principles and applications of the technology associated with postharvest care of horticultural crops.

Vineyard TechnologyThis degree provides you with hands-on training in all aspects of vineyard operations and the principles of sustainable grape production.

Winery Technology: This degree teaches you the principles of quality wine making from grape to glass, with experience in the on-campus winery and tasting room.

Associate of Applied Science Transfer Degree: This degree offers a transfer option to you as you work to obtain a Bachelor of Science degree in Agriculture. This option focuses on science coursework within the agriculture discipline while meeting the requirements for entry into Washington State University. Agriculture programs at other colleges and universities that this degree may transfer in to include:

  • Agriculture production Management
  • Agriculture Education
  • Agriculture Economics
  • Horticulture


Vineyard Technology: Emphasizes the sustainable grape production principles in Washington with specialization in the integrated management of insects, weeds, diseases, and crop production.

Winery Technology: Provides students with an understanding of principles and the application of technology associated with the production of wine. Students will have the opportunity to learn about quality wine making using appropriate production, processing, sanitation, quality control, and safety methods.

Wine Sales: This certificate is designed to provide students with a concentration of courses in a specific technical area. the certificate may be suitable for students who wish to increase their knowledge and skills in a particular area. All courses taken for the certificates would apply toward the related associate degree programs.