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Why should I choose a pathway?

​​Students who have a clear plan are more likely to achieve their academic goals. Pathway Advising helps you make an academic plan and focus your time at YVC. A good plan can save you time and money.​

What is Pathway Advising?

Pathway Advising groups related degrees and certificates. When you choose a pathway, you choose a group of advisors who are experts on those degrees and certificates. You also choose an attitude toward your education.​​

What does an advisor do?

 Advisors are full time instructors and counselors who will help you understand degree and certificate requirements, develop a balanced schedule, and prepare you for registration. Meeting with an advisor can help keep you on track for graduation.

Once during most quarters advisors suspend their daytime classes so you have more time to meet with them. This provides you a chance to review your academic plan and make sure you are moving toward your goal.

Am i stuck on a pathway forever?

No. Advisors are people just like you. They know goals can shift and bend as life happens. So if your goals change, your advisor will help you to change pathways.​

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