This webpage may help you determine if you should enroll in an eLearning course.
eLearning may be a great way for you to meet your educational goals.

Is eLearning for me? Taking the very short quiz below will help you determine if you are ready for the online classroom. Many students are under the misconception that online somehow means less work than traditional "in-seat" class. This is a very false assumption. If anything, online classes will require a higher level of disciple and may be more work then an in-seat version of the same class.

Is eLearning For Me?

Students considering eLearning should be able to answer "Yes" to these ?'s:

    1. I can read and follow directions, work independently, and adhere to deadlines.
    2. I have access to a computer that has the necessary hardware and software components. (see "Minimum Equipment Requirements").
    3. I have Internet access and I am competent in Internet basics including browsing and email functionality. Students using Dial-up access to internet will be severely limited in their ability to easily navigate eLearning content.
    4. I feel comfortable contacting my instructor when I need assistance.

Have questions, need assistance, or want to "talk" about the class?
You may utilize the discussion board (you will learn about this after your class begins). The discussion board is a great place to post questions, share ideas, and collaborate with your classmates and your instructor. You may also email your instructor
or other students to raise questions, often your fellow students will have the answers you need.

Should you need technical help, review the sections titled "Contact Information" and "FAQS".

Online courses may not be suitable to everyone's learning styles. This webpage has
been developed to assist you in determining your readiness for an eLearning course.

A successful online student is committed to his/her studies and educational goals.
Most students recognize the convenience an eLearning course offers, but those
successful students also realize that a lot of self-motivation and responsibility for
learning needs to occur.