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Community Classes

As a service to the communities of the Yakima Valley, Yakima Valley Community College offers a limited selection of self-supported courses and workshops to address special interests. Self-supported courses do not receive funding from the State of Washington, and depend solely on the fee charged to participating students.
Continuing Educationcourses and workshops may be offered in a variety of fields, including but not limited to recreation, conversational languages, art, music, business and financial planning, and other interest areas. The community service courses or workshops offered will vary depending on interest, instructor availability, and availability of appropriate facilities.
Continuing Educationcourses do not offer credit, and may not be used to satisfy degree or certificate requirements.Coursesare subjectto change or cancellation without notice. For current fees and schedules please contact the YVCC Registration Office at 509.574.4700.

Basic Mountaineer

Offered Spring Quarter. This course consists of five evening classes at YVCC (held yearly between April and May). The rest will be taught onsite, outdoors. This course will cover basic equipment, risk and hazard evaluation, physiological needs of climbers, basic rock climbing through easy fifth class, how to set up a top rope system, safe methods of snow and glacier travel, and crevasse rescue techniques.
This class is offered as a self-support, community service, noncredit course. Prerequisite: Minimum age of 18. Required: general physical fitness (ability to carry a pack with overnight gear three miles uphill over uneven rocky and snowy terrain), personal gear such as pack and appropriate clothing, transportation to field sessions, reading from text, participation in class and field sessions, and a possible overnight.

Beginning Fly Fishing

Offered Spring Quarter. This class will cover equipment, castings, knots, flies, and where and when to fish. Wait to purchase any equipment until after the first class; equipment is covered in the first class. Students must supply their own fly-fishing gear. There are two field trips. This class is offered as a self-support, community service, noncredit course.

Equine Management & Psychology

OfferedWinter Quarter. This class provides beginning riders as well as the advanced riders with an in depth study of the horse. Students will gain insight into the horse's physiological and psychological needs enabling them to maximize performance levels in any equine activity. Participants will discover many new ways to understand and communicate with their equine friends. Course content includes: evolution, development of breeds, geometry of conformation, unsoundness, gaits, care of hoof and leg, shoeing, nutrition, vital signs, diseases and parasites, pedigree, breeding techniques, equine psychology, manipulating attitude, riding aids, training tips, and much more.

Intermediate Fly Fishing


Offered Spring Quarter. A continuation of Beginning Fly Fishing or for those with some fly-fishing experience. It will cover what flies to use, when and where to fish, moving water, and still water. This course will also include two field trips. Students must supply their own fly-fishing gear. This class is offered as a self-support, community service, noncredit course.

Nature's Compass & Psychology Survival

Offered Spring Quarter. During this course students will learn how to use a watch as a compass, tell time and direction by the sun and the stars, locate the North Star and discuss its uses, and discover how plants, soils, winds, topography, temperature, humidity, and wildlife can give you directional aids. Students will also learn to interpret map symbols and basic compass use, and will explore the mental aspects of survival, such as developing a positive mental attitude, programing your mind to succeed, and controlling fear, imagination, and stress.