​​​Course Schedule


YVCC's BASM courses offering are currently designed as a 2 year program for students who have already completed all the necessary prerequisites. The order in which the courses are offered is subject to change. Students can review required course prerequisites online or contact the program office at bachelors@yvcc.edu or 509.574.4772.​​

Fall Quarter Yr.1
BASM 300Management Theory
BASM 380Marketing for Managers
BA 256Business Statistics
Winter Quarter Yr. 1
BASM 310Accounting for Decision Makers
BASM 410Project Management
BASM 415Information Systems Management
Spring Quarter Yr. 1
BASM 340Applied Financial Management
BASM 420Human Resources
POLS 370Political Economy
Fall Quarter Yr. 2
BASM 305Managerial Economics 
BASM 325Legal Issues
SOCSCI 320Organizational Behavior & Leadership
Winter Quarter Yr. 2
PHIL 315Professional Ethics
CMST 330Organizational Communications
BASM 360Entrepreneurship & Small Business Strategy
Spring Quarter Yr. 2
BASM 435Operations Management
BASM 470Management Internship
BASM 490Strategic Management