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WEST-B Information

Want to Apply to an Education Program?

If you're planning to apply to a college education program for Fall 2018, you will need to pass all three sections of the Basic Skills Test for WA State—WEST-B.

YVC is excited to announce that we will be providing FREE test prep starting this January.

  • 6 week study group with test preparation, one-on-one tutoring support, and access to online WEST-B module
  • Study groups will be run by English and Math instructors familiar with the WEST-B
  • All future educators are welcome to access this FREE opportunity
  • Participation is FIRST COME FIRST SERVED

Please email BAS-TE@yvcc.edu to reserve your seat. Be sure to specify Yakima or Grandview location.

First meeting will be January 18

RSVP TODAY - Specify Yakima or Grandview location




Teacher Education Program Overview

The program in elementary education is designed to provide pathways for individuals with 90 or more college-level credits from a regionally accredited college. The program aspires to remove barriers and create pathways that systematically build upon the candidates' previous educational background and past professional experience.

YVC's program will prepare teacher candidates with content and subject knowledge required in PreK-8 classrooms, while integrating an in-depth residency experience.

For more about the Residency Model, go to National Center for Teacher Residencies at NCTR


​Completion of the program will result in the award of the Bachelor of Applied Science in Teacher Education. All Accepted applicants will be enrolled with the Elementary Education Endorsement (K-8). You may also apply for either or both of the Early Childhood Endorsement and English Language Learning Endorsement (K-12).​

Classroom teachers with an elementary education endorsement may be assigned to teach any subject in grades K-8. Although teachers who graduate from the Teacher Education program are authorized by the state to teach K-8, they must also meet the federal Highly Qualified Teacher requirements if they wish to teach core academic subjects at the middle level. More information about Highly Qualified requirements is available at this site: http://www.k12.wa.us/ESEA/ESSA/HQT.aspx

Freq​uently Asked Questions

Click here to view the FAQ document: YVC Teacher Education Program FAQ.pdf


T​eacher Education Program Standards

Our Student Learning Outcomes are aligned with the Professional Educator Standards Board (PESB) Residency Teacher Standards and Competencies, The Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities (NWCCU) Accreditation Standards, and Yakima Valley College's Core Mission and Themes


YVC Teacher Education Program has been approved by the SBCTC and PESB to offer both traditional and alternative routes to teaching.

Route 1: Alternative routes are designed for career changers and for individuals already working in the school system who want to transition to full-time teaching. Compared to traditional educator preparation programs, alternative routes tend to be shorter, more convenient, more affordable, and more practically oriented.

For more information on Educator Pathways, go to the PESB website: Alternative Routes to Teacher Certification.

Application Process 

Students are eligible to apply for the Teacher Education program if they have completed a minimum of 90 college-level credits from a regionally accredited college.


The State Board of Community and Technical Colleges (SBCTC) advocated for community and technical college applied baccalaureate programs to help:

  • meet state goals for increasing the overall number of baccalaureate degrees awarded
  • expand the workforce mission of community and technical colleges to serve the needs of local and state employers
  • increase educational pathways for professional and technical associate graduates who have been limited in their ability to apply credits toward a bachelor degree.

Therefore, the courses, credits and/or degrees completed will vary from applicant to applicant.

There are no required courses to have completed prior to applying.


Compe​titive Application Process 

The following courses are not required for admissions, but they are highly recommended to be successful on WEST-B, course work throughout the program, and certification assessments (exit testing):

  • Quantitative or Computational MATH above 100 (or designated "Group B-Q" on YVC DTA) completed with grade of C or higher
  • ENGL& 101 (or English composition course) completed with grade of C or higher

It is not required to have completed an AA-DTA, AAS, or AAS-T to apply for admissions to the Teacher Education program. However, this is a competitive application process. Preference will be given to those who have completed a two-year degree by the end of spring quarter.

There are no required EDUC courses to be completed prior to submitting your Teacher Education program application. However, it is highly recommended that students complete an​ Introduction to Education course prior to the application process. For more information on how to register for EDUC courses online with YVC, contact Glenda Orgill at 509.574.4787 or gorgill@yvcc.edu.

At the time of application, experience in the field is NOT required. However, this is a competitive application process. Preference will be given to those with field experience (work in early learning or an education field, or as a paraeducator in the K-12 school system).

West-B Requirement

The WEST–B is a test of basic knowledge and skills required to successfully enter a Washington teacher preparation program and to work as an educator in Washington schools.

Candidates must meet the Washington Educator Skills Basic Skills (WEST-B) requirement prior to applying to the Teacher Educator program. Passing scores (240 or above) must be on file by the application due date. You must request that your WEST-B test scores are sent to YVC.

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Current YVC Student ID Number 2.5 cumulative (overall) college level GPA​
90 college-level credits from regionally accredited college, or associate degreeENGL& 101 or English composition course completed with grade of C or higher
Passing of three sub-tests of WEST- B
Quantitative or Computational MATH above 100 (designated "Group B-Q" on YVC DTA) completed with grade of C or higher
Application for BAS in Teacher Education.docx
Hours of experience in a classroom setting
(work, volunteer, observation)

or ​

EDUC 190 experience/practicum course)​​
3 Letters of Recommendation (TBA)
  • 1 from School Dictrict Representative​
  • 2 professional and/or academic references
Introduction to Education Course (EDUC 210)

​Official transcripts submitted to YVC

(* Please note: Official transcripts only need to be sent for colleges and universities other than YVC)

Financial Aid Application  ​

Reflective Essay Instructions.pdf
​Professional Resume

Transfer Student and Returning Students 

Students returning to YVC can access information here on how to renew their Student ID: http://www.yvcc.edu/admission/Pages/Returning-College-Student.aspx

Students transferring from another college: http://www.yvcc.edu/admission/Pages/Transfer-Student.aspx

image of Yakima Campus Prospective elementary education candidates are invited to meet with a Teacher Education advisor for more  information on the program.

For more information on how to apply or the admission process, please contact:


BAS-TE Admissions

PO Box 22520

Yakima, WA 98907-2520

Application Forms 

Application checklist: Student Application Checklist.docx

Program Application: Application for BAS in Teacher Education.docx

Letter of Professional Recommendation: form coming soon

Field Experience Verification: Field Experience Verification Form.docx

OSPI Character and Fitness Supplement: OSPI Character and Fitness Supplement

Reflective Essay Instructions: Reflective Essay Instructions.pdf

Resume: Resume Form Teacher Education Program.docx