Student Application Checklist

Student Name:               ​ ​ Date:      
Degree Type:       ​ ​ ​
Fill out this section if the 2-year degree is not a DTA ​ ​ ​
CourseCourse Name Grade
*English 101 (5cr)​ ENGL&101      
*Quantitative/Symbolic Reasoning Course (5cr)           
​Humanities Course (5cr)
Lab Science (5cr)           
Other Natural Science (5cr)           
Add'l GE falls into C/Q/H/SS/NS** (5cr)           
Add'l GE falls into C/Q/H/SS/NS**(5cr)           

*English 101 and 100 level Math must be completed before students can be admitted into the BAS in Business Management Program.

**Communication, Quantitative, Humanities, Social Science, Natural Science

​ ​
Checklist ​ ​ ​
     YVCC Application ​ ​
     Bachelor of Applied Science Application ​ ​
     1st Letter of Recommendation ​ ​
     2nd Letter of Recommendation ​ ​
     Complete Transcripts ​ ​
     Resume ​ ​
     Personal Essay ​ ​
     Microsoft Word Test ​ ​
     Microsoft Excel Test ​ ​
     Microsoft Powerpoint Test ​ ​
All Microsoft Tests can be waived if student has received a "C" or better in IT100.  Individual tests can be waived if "C" or better in BT160, IT111, and IT120. ​ ​ ​

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