Psychology is the scientific study of behavior and of mental processes. Psychologists study a broad range of behavior, which includes the development of language, thinking and physical skills, abnormal behavior, brain functioning, health and well-being, as well as social, cross-cultural and gender perspectives. This is by no means an exhaustive list. 



Psychologists also investigate behaviors in species other than humans in an effort to better understand humans. Unlike Anthropology and Sociology, which are other social sciences, the field of Psychology focuses on the individual and the biological, cognitive and social processes that impact an individual’s behavior.

The YVCC Psychology Department is pleased to have a variety of expertise represented in our faculty. Their backgrounds include clinical practice, research, and interdisciplinary scholarship. The Psychology Department at Yakima Valley Community College offers courses that are suited for freshman and sophomore students, who want greater insight into themselves and others, and who might be interested in majoring in Psychology.