Are you a focused and goal-oriented student?

Ever wish you could learn more about your favorite subject?

Many YVC classes can now be taken with an honors option. Honors students sign contracts with their instructors that outline the agreed upon extra work.

Students who successfully complete their contracts and pass the class with at least a B+ get an "H" on their transcript, indicating that they completed additional honors work.

Any student with an interest and a strong academic record may consider taking a course for honors.

This is particularly important for students going into highly competitive professions.

If you think you might be interested, contact the Honors Program coordinator Heidi Shaw at hshaw@yvcc.edu or talk to your instructor.


As part of its vision statement, YVC shows that it values success, access, equity and community. Currently it provides substantial opportunities to those needing help reaching college level skills.

The YVC's Honors Program will contribute to YVC's mission and vision by providing enriched learning opportunities for academically-excellent students. The program will allow students to explore and expand their intellectual boundaries by:


  • providing a venue where students are allowed to research a topic in greater detail than what is done in a traditional college course.

  • promoting a community of critical thinkers and active learners.

  • creating a culture of interdisciplinary learning.

  • serving as a pathway for academically gifted students who wish to transfer to four-year schools.

  • engaging directly with local businesses and agencies in the community.