YVCC Honors Program

STudent Participation Level

Students can participate in the Honors Program in two ways.

Full Participation

Upon acceptance, some students may decide to participate fully in the Honors Program. To be recognized as an Honors Program graduate, students must:

  • Maintain a cumulative GPA of 3.25 or higher. If a student's GPA falls below this, they will be put on probation and refrain from registering for honors designated credits until their GPA again reaches 3.25. Any credits for which they previously earned honors designation will remain as "H" credits on the transcript.

  • Meet with an honors program faculty member/adviser, initially to develop an academic plan based upon Honors coursework, then periodically to ensure progress.

  • Continue participation in honors program activities throughout the student's time at YVCC (at least two honors courses and activities per year). This requirement is to ensure that students don't participate and complete the requirements of the honors program during the first year and then opt out for the second year and still graduate as an honors student.

  • Earn a minimum of 30 honors credits, which must include five credits from each of the following distribution areas: humanities, natural sciences/math, and social sciences

  • Attend at a minimum of one extracurricular event per year

  • Complete an honors project, supervised by a mentor, that receives approval from the Honors Board

  • Present the honors project at the Spring Honors Showcase or some other public forum approved by the honors board

  • Complete exit interview with Honors Director during last quarter prior to graduating for the purposes of gathering information for YVCC, e.g., where students are transferring, whether they received scholarships, where they can be contacted, etc.

Partial participation

Some students may choose to participate in only parts of the program. This flexibility makes participation in an honors program possible for students who may have life circumstances (single parent status, full-time employment, etc.) that would typically preclude them from any participation in an honors program.

At any given time, a student who meets the requirements of the program, including acceptance into the program, can enroll in honors credits, as described previously.