YVCC Honors Program


An honors program is designed for high-achieving students who desire more from their educational experience. Often composed of a small number of students compared to the university as a whole, they allow members to have unique experiences above and beyond the college curriculum. The goal of most programs is to give each student an individualized journey through college.

Intangible Benefits

Exclusivity: By joining an honors program and earning an honors diploma, students set themselves apartfrom their peers and make themselves significantly more competitive.

Recognition: Graduating with an honors diploma is one tag that immediately tells future employers or university administration that the person they are considering did more than his/her counterparts to complete a degree. In an uncertain economy, an honors degree could be the difference between an interview and a "thank you for applying" letter.

Community: Frequent interaction with other honors students and faculty helps build a "feeling of belonging" to the YVCC academic community.

Intellectual challenge: Intellectually challenging curriculum.

Relationships: The most lasting benefit of an honors program is the individualized attention given by the faculty and staff. This can lead to lifelong relationships and outstanding recommendation letters.

Tangible Benefits

Personal attention: Special projects allow a one-on-one interaction with honors faculty.

Graduate school preparation: At many schools, the class regimen of an undergraduate honors class is similar to that of a graduate class. Many honors classes place a great deal of emphasis on continuing education through graduate school.

Special activities: Students who participate in an honors program often get to participate in honors retreats, cultural events at theaters and museums, campus-wide recognition banquets, dinners with faculty members, etc. This is a great way to start networking.

Scholarship opportunities: At some schools, students who participate in the honors program may also qualify for certain scholarships.

Honors degree: Students who graduate in the honors program will have that notation recorded on their diplomas and permanent records. This is a valuable addition to resumes.

Public recognition: Certificate of completion of the honors program and acknowledgment at a special graduation ceremony

Honors luncheons: Lunch seminars with invited speakers