YVCC Honors Program

Program Components

Students can earn honors credits in several different ways.

Honors sections

Periodically, a class will be designated an honors section. Any student who enrolls in and subsequently passes the class with a 3.3 or better will earn honors credits. Individual contracts (click here for copy of contract) Students earn honors credits by working with honors program faculty to develop a plan, in the form of a standard contract, for completing honors quality work in an existing course that has no honors designation. Honors work of this type should be directly related to the topic of the course. For contracts which are associated with an existing course, students must both pass the course and complete the agreed upon contract work with at least a grade of 3.3 in order to earn honors credit for the course and have the honors designation appear on the transcript. These contracts will likely constitute the majority of honors credits for YVCC students.


Seminar classes offer students the experience to read challenging materials and discuss them with their peers. This type of discussion-based class also requires students to delve deeper into a topic than they would normally do in a traditional course. To earn honors designation, a student must pass the class with a 3.3 or better. Seminars will be offered periodically.

Internship/Service Learning Experience

Students also earn honors credits through participation in internships or service learning experiences. Internships or service learning experiences must be approved and overseen by an honors program faculty member. Students will work with this faculty member to determine what written material will be submitted in order to earn honors credit. For each credit of this type, a student logs 30 hours. Off-campus people may also need to supervise a student.

Extracurricular Events

At least once per year, students will attend some sort of intellectual, extracurricular event. This might include attendance at events, such as the Arthur Rempel Lecture at Whitman College in March, or the Museum of Flight in Seattle. Honors faculty will establish an approved list of events for the quarter. Events not listed on this approved list must be approved by three members of the honors board prior to student attendance at the event.