Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use social sciences as an option for electives?

If you enjoy social sciences classes, it is possible to increase the number of social sciences classes you take by counting some of your social sciences classes under your electives in your degree requirements.

Where is the social sciences department housed?

Most social science faculty are housed in the first floor of Glenn Anthon (G142) in the northeast corner of the building, across from the Writing Center. Two faculty members (Drs. Morrow and Strong) are located in upstairs Deccio and one (Keith Reyes) is on the Grandview campus.

I want to meet with one of the faculty for advising, but I don't know when they are available. How do I find out?

Go to the directory board in Glenn Anthon 142 to find out their office number. Then go to their office door and look at the schedule posted beside their door. Their class times and office hours will be listed there. If you aren't on campus, call the main office at (509) 574-4834.

Is there a major in social science?

No. We offer no formal degrees in any of the social science disciplines, only associates degrees, which typically transfer directly to state universities. Work with your academic advisor to identify the prerequisites for the major at the four-year school you are interested in attending.