YVCC Honors Program


To enter the Honors program, students must:

  • Demonstrate college-level writing (e.g., by Compass placement into Engl 101, successful completion of Engl 075);

  • Demonstrate readiness for College Algebra (e.g., by Compass placement into Math 104, or successful completion of Math 095);

  • Complete an honors program application;

  • Pay a $5 application fee*; and

  • Be accepted into the program by the Honors Board

The Honors Working Group will look at criteria, including:

  • College-level or High School grade point average 3.3 and higher

  • Strong faculty recommendations for participation

  • Strong evidence of interest in pursuing honors work

  • Strong evidence of inter-disciplinary studies and/or creativity

  • Demonstrated commitment to he program goals as evidenced by interest and goals statement

*Not yet required