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People have always been curious about their origins and in the cultural diversity of the past and present. The discipline of anthropology attempts to describe and explain human uniqueness in an integrated way. Physical/Biological anthropologists focus on the biological development of our species. Attention is paid to our relationship to other primates and the mechanics of evolution as it applies to the physical and cultural development of humans through time. Cultural anthropologists seek to describe and understand each present day culture within its own context and from a comparative perspective. Archaeology uses scientific field and laboratory work to investigate past societies and the processes of cultural change through the study of artifacts and other material remains. It is the "cultural anthropology" of the human past. Anthropological linguistics focuses on how humans use language.

yvcc anthropology in class
yvcc anthropology

Students choosing to study anthropology as a major or minor would normally choose to follow a program leading to the Associate of Arts Degree at YVCC, and then transfer to a college or university that offers anthropology as a major. Anthropology courses taught at YVCC offer students a solid introductory foundation.