Associate in Arts - DTA
Biology Major

Basic Requirements

18 credits

            Group A (ENGL& 101, ENGL 102)


            Group B (select from approved Mathematics courses)


            Group C (select from approved courses)


Natural Science / Mathematics (Select from approved distribution list)

35 credits

                     BIOL 201, 211, 221


                     CHEM& 141/151


                     MATH& 151 recommended for Physics


                     CHEM& 142/152, 143/153


Humanities (Select from approved distribution list)

15 credits

We recommend starting a foreign language, depending on intended transfer institution.

Social Science (Select from approved distribution list)

15 credits


Electives (Discuss with advisor)

7 credits*




90 credits

These courses are recommended as guidelines for state transfer.
*For assistance with course selection, contact the program faculty or the Advising Center.

STUDENTS PLEASE NOTE:  To insure that your degree requirements for graduation have been met, you need to review the degree planning guide with an advisor or counselor. 

For students who come in ready to start Biology and Chemistry couses, there is also an Associate in Science Degree which requires more science courses at YVCC which should allow students to start taking upper division science classes upon entering a 4-year institution.  If you are interested, please talk to your advisor.