Studio Arts and Photography

Art is both a mirror to and a shaper of the individual, society, and culture. Art is a fundamental human experience and behavior that crosses all boundaries. The YVCC Department of Visual Arts (DoVA) fosters an awareness of the making of art, the interpretation of art, the development of art across cultures and time, and the relevance of art to daily experience.


Students are exposed to the vocabulary and craft of art through the department’s various classes. Stress is given to the development of technical skills, the communication of concepts, and expression of ideas within traditional and contemporary issues, techniques, and technologies.


dovaThe faculty in the Department of Visual Arts are committed to developing the skills and talents of the students in their classes, and to place art within the social arena of the community. All full and part-time faculty are practicing, producing, and exhibiting artists.


Painting, sculpture, ceramics, photography, printmaking, environmental art, architecture, interdisciplinary, arts jeweler.
Graphic arts, illustration, fashion illustration, typography, fabric design, clothing design, landscape design, architecture, interior design.
Cartooning, web design, animation, primary, secondary, and post-secondary education, adult education, art therapy.
Museum studies, gallery owner, arts coordinator, art historian, art appraiser, art criticism, art consultant, courtroom artist.

Annual Exhibit

The Department of Visual Arts prepares and exhibits work from its studio classes each year in the YVCC Larson Gallery.

The exhibit runs the last four weeks of Spring Quarter.

All students completing studio classes are encouraged to participate. New work from the art faculty is also included.