English Department


The mission of the English Department is to help students develop the habits of writers, readers, and critical thinkers and to further their interest in reading and writing as a way of learning about themselves and the world.

Most YVCC students will take college composition courses ranging from ENGL 070, Reviewing English Essentials I, to ENGL 102, English Composition II. As part of their basic skills degree Students at the YVCC Writing Center requirements, most degrees require completion of English 101 and 102 with a 2.0 GPA or better. Consult with an advisor for placement in the composition series and for specific degree requirements.

Students who want to become English majors or are interested in careers in writing or teaching are strongly encouraged to enroll in English 185, Writing Center Consultant, for elective credits. Student writers get hands on training and experience tutoring peers in a workshop setting.


College graduates with degrees in English have a proven track record in the types of Reading communication skills most employers covet. More specific professions related to the major are copy editors, public relations specialists, publishers, writers, other careers in the entertainment industry, sales, teaching and other fields where spoken and written communication are necessary for success.

  English majors often enter related academic disciplines as well, such as law, rhetoric, linguistics, and computer programming. It is important to remember that employers are not often interested in a degree major so much as the skills a potential employee brings to their company.

Good communication skills are most often at the top of an employer’s list of desired skills. English majors have proven their communications skills.