Mathematics Department Contacts
Yakima: (509) 574-4869
TDD: (509) 574-4600
Advising Center: (509) 574-4605
Grandview: (509) 882-7000

Mathematics Department

Yakima Valley Community College
PO Box 22520
Yakima, WA. 98907-2520

The Mathematics Department welcomes you to e-mail any of our faculty to get a sense of who we are and to answer any questions you may have about the program.

Yakima Campus Faculty

Michael Jenck
BS, Southern Oregon State College
MS, Northern Arizona University
(509) 574-4843
Office Location
E-mail: Michael Jenck

Greg Kent
BS, Gonzaga University
MS, The Ohio State University
MS, Oregon State University
(509) 574-4883
Office Location
E-mail: Greg Kent

Doug Lewis
BS, Washington State University
MAT, Central Washington University
(509) 574-6827
Office Location
E-mail: Doug Lewis

Matt Lewis
BS, MTE, Eastern Oregon University
MS, Western Washington University
(509) 574-4861
Office Location
E-mail: Matt Lewis

George Lopez
AA, Sacramento City College
BS, University of California at Davis
MS, Purdue University
(509) 574-4868
Office Location
E-mail: George Lopez

Ben Mayo - Department Chair
AA, Yakima Valley Community College
BA, Whitworth College
MAT, Central Washington University
(509) 574-4864
Office Location
E-mail: Ben Mayo

Marty Meister
BS, Carroll College
MS, Montana State University
(509) 574-6883
Office Location
E-mail: Marty Meister

Michal Ramos
BS, University of Tennessee
MS, Eastern Washington University
(509) 574-4867
Office Location
E-mail: Michal Ramos

Dan Schapiro
BS, University of Illinois
MA, University of Washington
(509) 574-4850
Office Location
E-mail: Dan Schapiro

Panyada Sullivan
BA, Srinakarinwirote University, Thailand
MS, Kasetsart University, Thailand
PhD, Oregon State University
(509) 574-4947
Office Location
E-mail: Panyada Sullivan

Pascoe Anna

Alex Selim

Dyke Kevin