Mass Communication

Today's methods of mass communicating information through the print and electronic media require developing proficiency in the traditional skills of written and visual presentations as well as exploring new techniques and new media. The impact of 24-hour cable news, satellite radio, web-based newsletters, web newspapers and global systems require today's mass communication major to be both specifically and broadly educated. Courses at YVCC offer the future media employee opportunities to meet these needs, while completing an Associate of Arts degree. The majority of these courses directly transfer to most senior institutions.

Working at a computer

There is a nearly endless list of careers which require the ability to write.  The development of technology and rapid growth in global communications has opened more careers in reporting, writing, journalism, news editing, media producing, graphic design, and website development

 Industry jobs: Advertising, Communication Education, Electronic Media/Radio-Television/Broadcasting, Journalism, Public Relations, Theatre/Performing Arts/Dramatic Arts, Business, Education, Government Politics, International Relations and Negotiations, Law, and Social and Human Services.