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August 23
Inspire Development Centers: A Private Nonprofit Dedicated to Preparing Children for Lifelong Success

​Yakima Herald Republic

Inspire Development Centers: A Private Nonprofit Dedicated to Preparing Children for Lifelong Success 

“Our success is the family and child’s success.”

Glossy words in a glossy booklet, but those eight words are a mantra for those who work and teach at Inspire Development Centers, the 33-year-old, Sunnyside-based private nonprofit dedicated to preparing children in their early years so they will be successful in school and life.

Penned jointly by Inspire Chief Executive Officer Jorgé Castillo and Board Chair Isabel Bedolla-Roos, they appear in the preface to the organization’s 2015 Annual Report, which goes on to provide a wealth of hard data to document Inspire’s success at 28 child development centers (CDCs) in the Lower Yakima Valley and eight other counties scattered across Washington state.

“We have the freedom to expand (our mission) even further if we see the need,” said Castillo, a 23-year employee who as a boy growing up in Granger benefited from Inspire’s programs when the nonprofit was known as the Washington Migrant Council (the name was changed in 2013, its 30th anniversary).

Inspire has grown in that time: from 200 employees and a $3 million budget in 1983, to 1,200 employees and a $43 million budget in fiscal 2016.

Those employees (600 permanent and 600 seasonal) — supported by grants from state and federal sources, implement a comprehensive curriculum with a particular focus on seasonal, migrant, rural, economically disadvantaged families. There are five programs, including:

Migrant and Seasonal Head Start

MSHS serves children ages 6 weeks to 5 years old, April through October, five days a week, Monday through Friday. It funded 2,184 children in fiscal 2015.

Migrant and Seasonal Early Head Start

MSEHS serves children ages 6 weeks to 3 years old, five days a week, Monday through Friday. MSEHS also provides services to pregnant mothers. It funded 96 people in 2015.

Region X Head Start

RHS serves preschool-age children four hours a day Monday through Thursday (Friday is parent-conference day) November through June. It funded 410 children in 2015.

Early Childhood Education and Assistance Program

ECEAP is a state-funded program that provides support services for families and prepares young children for kindergarten. It serves children four hours a day, Monday through Thursday (Fridays are parent-conference days), October through May. It funded 896 children in 2015.

Early Head Start

EHS serves pregnant mothers and children from birth to 3 years old in a home-based setting. The focus for children is their physical, social, emotional and cognitive development. It funded 160 children and 46 pregnant mothers in 2015.

But the people behind the numbers are the real story, because those who learn at Inspire as children very often return as adults, as Castillo did — to either teach or work at Inspire themselves. Or, the parents of Inspire students are “inspired” to remain there to work even after their kids have moved into the public school system. Or, when Inspire children matriculate into college, they may, because of their experience at Inspire, seek degrees in education themselves. In other words, success in childhood leads to success in adulthood.

For instance, Adelinne Villanueva is a former Inspire student who attended the Harrah CDC from 1995-2000. Today, she is a junior at Washington State University studying human development. This summer, she was chosen by the National Migrant and Seasonal Head Start Association to represent Inspire and the state of Washington as an intern in Washington, D.C.

A number of other former Inspire students or current staff members received advanced degrees this spring, among them: Ana Maria Mendoza, Mariela Mendoza, Teresa Ramirez, Elma Calixto, Maria Garcia, Deyanira Martinez, Mary Pereira, Rosalba Gonzalez, Silvia Martinez, Rebecca Montemayor, Marylee Martinez, Laura Oronia, Martin Sanchez, Veronica Gamez, Alma Gutierrez, Alicia Ruiz, Laura Ortiz, Juana Montelongo, Yanet Barrera, and Araceli Alvizo.

Several of those students are getting their degrees in Early Childhood Education, further evidence of their positive experience with Inspire.

“We have good partners with a number of colleges,” said Human Resources Director Julie Jones, explaining that schools like Heritage University, Yakima Valley College, Columbia Basin College, Big Bend College, Skagit Valley College and Perry Technical Institute help Inspire with staff development, and Inspire has funds available to help staff enhance their education.

In return, Inspire develops “cohorts” of aspiring students who commit to attend school as a group on weekends or weeknights. This way, students can attend school around their jobs, and the college knows it will have enough students to justify the time and expense of an instructor.

The bond Inspire forges with its students, teachers, and other staff members has another positive outcome: a remarkably low staff turnover rate for a large nonprofit which oversees multiple programs in multiple locations that serve a population of low-income families, many of whom move with the crops and seasons.

“We probably average a 20 percent turnover of our workforce (each year); those are usually employees who have been with Inspire less than five years,” said Jones, who, among the senior staff, is a relative newcomer at six years with Inspire.

Besides Castillo, other longtime senior staffers include Operations Analyst Rick Garza, 33 years; Director of Programs Lori Charvet, 16 years; and Information Technology Director Jason Gibbons, 17 years.

“We have people who are passionate about what they’re doing,” said Jones. “The kids are coming back with bachelor’s and master’s degrees and it’s not for the money.”

Funding remains a challenge. That’s because costs go up each year, but funding remains the same. Also, federal Head Start funding of about $9,500 per child per year is more than the state’s ECEAP funding of about $7,200 per child per year. Yet the standards for both programs are the same, and Inspire makes sure both Head Start and ECEAP students get equal instruction.

“The public schools have a teacher shortage; well, we have a shortage, too. Still, people who come into Inspire tend to stay with Inspire.”

Jones, whose responsibilities include marketing, said the Internet and social media are good networking tools. Indeed, the agency’s Facebook page is busy with news and pictures about students, parents of students, and current staff members who are graduating, being recognized, or are leaving for internships.

“It (social media) helps attract new employees, too,” said Jones, adding that several job fairs held each year are another way to find qualified people.

Castillo said Inspire would not be successful without the involvement of the parents: “The family engagement piece is absolutely important, that they (parents) realize the importance of getting an education,” he said.

Rick Garza said the old Washington Migrant Council learned early on that young children needed more than just child care. “The council was a key participant in helping establish the state’s early-learning benchmarks,” he said.

Charvet added: “Now, nobody questions the need of Early Head Start. It’s been around a long time and the research is clear: the more education attained the less the dropouts. What makes our program different is we serve the whole child — health, dental, parent involvement, mental health, cognitive learning, kids with disabilities — from birth until that child is ready for kindergarten. We take a lot of pride in that, and the more the parents are involved, the more that makes a difference.”​

August 23
Well tests on the Yakama Reservation available for next three weeks

​Yakima Herald Republic


TOPPENISH — A free well testing program for Yakama Nation Reservation residents will continue for three more weeks.

The tests will look for nitrates, coliform bacteria, and lead in well water, according to a news release from The Clean Water Project, a collaborative effort from Between the Ridges, a local nonprofit, and Yakima Valley College chemistry department.

Testing is available on Sundays, Mondays and Tuesdays. If interested, call Mary Baechler at 509-961-2792.

This story has been updated to include the correct telephone number.

August 19
La Casa Hogar: Improving Job Prospects and Lives - Through Education

​Yakima Herald Republic

La Casa Hogar: Improving Job Prospects and Lives - Through Education 

Many Mexican immigrants find their way to the Yakima Valley in pursuit of agricultural work. Some come with limited English and few advanced skills and struggle to find better-paid and more consistent work — the kind of work they desperately need to support their families. Many of these hard workers dream of improving their job prospects and their lives — through education.

Founded in 1995, local nonprofit La Casa Hogar provides the education that’s crucial for many of these immigrants. While providing English classes is an obvious resource, La Casa Hogar aims to improve all aspects of its students’ lives by providing a large variety of courses they will need to advance in American society. Students can take classes in English, computer literacy, driving and pre-GED, as well as health and nutrition.

Originally, La Casa Hogar began as a project of the Yakima Interfaith Coalition to give Latina immigrant women a place to feel safe and find community. In the beginning, it served only women in order to maintain that safe space. It grew into a learning environment, and soon, the women vocalized a need for child care in order to attend classes. Rather than simply providing child care, it started an Early Learning Center. La Casa Hogar is a 501(c)(3) organization, separate from the Yakima Interfaith Coalition. La Casa formerly offered both education and emergency services, but shifted to focus solely on education in 2010. While it does serve all immigrant families, 99 percent of its current client base is Latino and 70 percent of its clients are women.

La Casa Hogar’s Early Learning Center focuses on serving under-resourced children ages 2-5 who otherwise may not have access to any other preschool education. The science, technology, engineering and math-based program uses Creative Curriculum. It’s a celebrated preschool program that features discovery and exploration as a way of learning, while building confidence, critical thinking and creativity. A unique approach to education is the inclusion of parents in the classroom, so they are empowered to teach at home and participate in their childrens’ education far into the future. Parents are often so empowered through their experience that they teach workshops in the community about parent-led education. Mothers bring their small children to the learning center and then head upstairs to take an English or computer literacy class. It is a unique combination, catering to the needs of mothers who want very much to learn but also have young children at home.

One of the teaching assistants, Cristina Arellano, started as a volunteer for the center and has worked her way up to her current position — a prime example of how La Casa Hogar empowers and lifts people up to better places in life. Indeed, more than half of the staff at this organization started as students. Most employees work part-time so that they can continue to be at home with their young children and honor their strong cultural background of family.

As an organization that places high priority on family and offers family-based classes (where babies, pre-K, and adults are all taught in the same space), La Casa Hogar serves its mission by supporting employees’ staffing desires. All staff are bilingual and bicultural. Having staff who speak the same language and who are from the same culture as the students is tremendously helpful and ensures that students receive support and education that is linguistically and culturally relevant. Team members connect with students so well because many of the students’ stories reflect their own.

One of the places this connectivity works best is through its womens’ social support networks where they help each other overcome hurdles. Women bring solutions to each other through these groups, creating connections that are vital to success.

La Casa Hogar is purposefully situated in the neighborhood of the clients it serves, and statistics show the services it offers there are vital. More than 60 percent of the children in the neighborhood live in poverty and less than 2 percent of the adults have a four-year degree. More than 74 percent of the residents are Mexican, and 68 percent over the age of five speak primarily Spanish.

One of the most important and widely recognized programs that La Casa Hogar offers is Citizenship Education and Naturalization Services. La Casa Hogar is a Bureau of Immigration Appeals-accredited organization offering citizenship education classes in Yakima and Wapato and assisting individuals with their naturalization processes, from completing applications to taking their oaths.

La Casa Hogar prides itself on meeting its clients where they are. Providing for their families while advancing their education are often two competing goals. Some students start English classes and citizenship classes and then return to work during harvest time, after being gone from the program for months. Many return every single year when there is no work, hunkering down to their studies to secure a better future. Some students take many years to become proficient in English and become citizens because of this flexible schedule.

While La Casa Hogar’s stated mission is to "build an inclusive community by creating opportunities and opening doors of hope and justice," one could easily argue that it is equally committed to ending poverty in the Yakima Valley through vital and basic education. If you do not speak English well, have no computer literacy, do not know how to drive, or do not understand some of the foundational aspects of the United States, you may struggle to rise out of poverty and contribute to your community in the ways you so desperately wish to.

Many other local and statewide organizations see the value in La Casa’s mission and partner with them in their work. They include United Way of Central Washington, One America, THRIVE Washington, the Yakima Valley Community Foundation, Yakima Valley Community College and Heritage University.

With an operating budget this year of $340,000, La Casa Hogar serves a wide variety of clients on a tight budget. Its students and clients range in age from 2-year-olds to women like Juanita Rodriguez, one of La Casa’s oldest students. At over 80 years old, Juanita is pursuing her dream of becoming a U.S. Citizen and has been studying at La Casa Hogar for years while also being a dedicated volunteer.

Persistently focused on the community it serves, La Casa Hogar hosts a Back2School Fiesta every summer. This amazing organization expects to give away 700 backpacks along with school supplies, and host a resource booth for families this year.

The numbers:

• 2016 operating budget: $340,000 supports 13 staff (2 full-time, 11 part-time) and will serve close to 1,000 individuals

  • ​In 2015, 90​6 individuals participated in one or more classes.

• In 2015, 116 people became U.S. Citizens.

• Since 2012, more than 460 people have become

U.S. Citizens.

• More than 45 children are served a year, alongside

30 parents, mostly mothers, in the co-located

Early Learning Center.

• 98% of La Casa’s students have less than a 12th-grade education in their native countries.

• 72% of students have lived in the U.S. for 10 years or more.

August 19
Sharing the Love of Art: The Larson Gallery

​Yakima Herald Republic

Sharing the Love of Art: The Larson Gallery 

A nonprofit receives its tax exempt status because it provides a service the government does not, according to David Lynx, Director of the Larson Gallery. I had never really given it much thought, but after my conversation with him, I realized he was on to something.

The gallery provides a service to artists and visitors alike. It’s an avenue for artists to show their work — where they may not have had the opportunity before. But more importantly, it allows people to enjoy and appreciate the hard work of others. As its motto says, the gallery is “Cultivating a love of art.”

The Larson Gallery, which originated as a museum as well as a gallery in 1949, was a gift to the community from Rose Larson. She was the wife of A. E. Larson, the local entrepreneur who built the Larson Building. Her $100,000 bequest was to the Yakima Valley College administration for a “room” to house the work donated for a museum, and create a place to foster the works of future artists. But a room simply wasn’t enough.

After nearly 70 years, the gallery has seen many phases. The building was erected in 1949 for both the gallery and museum (whose contents have since been moved to the Yakima Valley Museum). Realizing a need to help support local artists, the Larson Gallery Guild was formed in 1955. Sometime over the course of the next decade, the guild officially filed for nonprofit status.

One of the most intriguing things about the Larson Gallery, and the guild for that matter, is what they offer. While they do have art for sale, their focus is not necessarily on a product, but on a service. “We provide a personal connection to the community,” Lynx said.

A service of this nature is difficult to monetize. The gallery operates on approximately $90,000 in funds from the guild, as well as a like amount from Yakima Valley College in the form of an in-kind donation. The guild money includes exhibit fees as well as employee salaries among other day-to-day expenses. The in-kind gift from the college includes custodial, IT and part-time help for the gallery.

The gallery hosts numerous exhibits every year and shares both the work of artists and the experience of art with the community.

Another beauty of this nonprofit is the community’s passion to support it. The guild funding comes in the form of support from approximately 360 members, including a 15-member board. Contributions for membership can be as small as $20 for the advocate level (available to students and seniors). But obviously, there is a need for support over the $1,000 level. And that need is not just for one year, but every year.

And therein lies the power of the service The Larson Gallery provides. The community yearns for access to art and the guild recognizes its responsibility to support that need. Every guild member does what they can. In addition to purchasing and displaying art in their home or office, they want to share it with you, with me, with our friends, neighbors and visitors. They don’t do it for the accolades, but for their love of art and sharing it.

The gallery just finished its Members’ Exhibition at the beginning of July but has two more exhibits, generally lasting 4-6 weeks, coming before the end of the year. They are:

First Comes Love

Photographs and stories by B. Proud of everyday life of LGBTQ couples

September 17 to October 22, 2016

61st Annual Central Washington Artists

Showcasing current and progressive work produced in the area

November 5 to December 3, 2016

Coming in 2017: Paintings from Dr. Deepali Mahanta Kayal of India in January; the 40th National Juried Photography Exhibition in March; the DoVA Student and Faculty Exhibition and the 18th Annual Tour of Artists Homes in May, followed by the Member’s Exhibition again next June. The gallery also features exhibits throughout the year at Gilbert Cellars, Hotel Maison and The Seasons — giving you plenty of options to appreciate incredible art in our community.

To learn more about the support and services of this nonprofit, go to​

August 19
School news, Aug. 19, 2016

​Yakima Herald Republic

 YVC Dean’s List for Spring Quarter:

Cle Elum — John Holbert

Cowiche — Whitney Wall, Samuel Wells

Ellensburg — Tyler Bender, Ximena Cuevas-Arias, Cameron Curtis, Emily Dreier, Hannah Espada-Nair, Carly Goltiani, Maria Morales, Kailee Patterson, Katie Pennington, Tiffany Ratcliff, Garrett Rhodes

Goldendale — Nathanael Kirk, Marissa Myra

Grandview — Molly Beghtol, Elva Benitez, Luis Bravo, Rosa Cervantes, Elizabeth Conklin, Abigail Cromwell, Rhapsodi Escobar, Jose Gonzalez, Challea Huth, Anthony Ledesma, Josue Lopez, Senaida Lopez, Ana Marquez, Diana Marquez, Carmen Perez, Genesis Prieto, Rodolfo Rangel, Leah Shenyer, Karolin Veloz

Granger — Analuisa Aguilera, Elizabeth Caballero, Jasmine Caballero, Sterling Creeley, Andrea Guisinger, Neli Ramirez

Mabton — Esmeralda Aviles, Vanessa Aviles, Melida Castillo, Esperanza Lopez-Aviles, Sydnie Obanion

Moxee — Kailei Dietrich-Denton, Makaylah Newkirk, Enely Rodriguez, Rodrigo Ruiz, Alexander Vargas, Misty Ward, Terah Yeager, Valerie Zabell

Naches — Abagail Bersing, Brittney Brozovich, Claire Carlson, Caleb Ridall, Ivy Smith, Josie Suing

Outlook — Yesenia Garcia, Bianca Molina, Vanessa Serna

Prosser — Kassandra Arriaga, Kolbie Brunson, Julie Gabriel, Tabitha Gonzalez, Kendra Henry, Daniella Landa, Belinda Montelongo, Luke Moritzky, Eduardo Rivera, Stephanie Sanchez, Terri Taylor, Adriana Trujillo

Selah — Kylee Bryant, Brigham Cardon, Molly Cavanaugh, Katherine Cousins, Daniela Covarrubias, Abigail Cruikshank, Paige Curtsinger, Rosalind Fassett, Dakota Fletcher, Emily Fortier, Dallin Godfrey, Keely Gorski, Andromeda Harris, Kylie Hutchens, Carrie Hyatt, Nathan Jensen, Emma Laurvick, Allan Locia-Lorenzo, Sabrina Macias, Shelby Matson, Jessica Mills, Trenton Murdock, Gunnar Newell, Ethan Pendlebury, Eduardo Pinon, Uriel Pinon, Derek Rabbitt, Taylor Rath, Austin Richardson, Joelina Smith, Alexis Snodgrass, Julianne St-Mary, Riley Starnes, Devin Teske, Tony Torres-Rodriguez, Joseph Trapp, Jamie Treat, Dena Wilhelm

Sunnyside — Maria Alvarez, Diego Barrios, Manuel Birrueta, Alexis Cardenas, Elvia Delgadillo, Esther Estrada, Henry Fairbairn, Sierra Garcia, Cole Gardner, Magali Graciano, Jose Hernandez, Stephanie Herrera, Jaquelin Herrera-Bravo, Ivan Lemus, Itzel Lujan, Jose Madrigal, Jaime Martinez, Samantha Mejia, Jesus Mendoza, David Mercado, Ashley Montes, David Palomarez, Maria Paz, Israel Reyes, Desmond Rodriguez, Marecela Rodriguez, Oscar Sanchez, Samantha Santos, Jessica Simmons, Maria Vargas

Tieton — Sarah Allen, Otto Cruz, Erin Duncan, Briana Gutierrez, Amparo Santos

Toppenish — Jesus Diaz, Chestina Dominguez, Veronica Farias, Erik Flores, Luis Garcia,

Axicalli Godinez, Kassandra Gonzalez, Elvira Lustre, Maria Martinez, Ruben Martinez, Jessica Munguia, Marisa Ortiz, Marissa Ortiz, Gabriela Palomino, Samuel Rebollosa, Maria Rivas, Blanca Romero-Campos, Jose Sanchez, Jose Silva, Tashina Weaver

Union Gap — Osvaldo Acevedo, Nicole Alires, Rory Esparza-Jensen, Conswaylo Fleek, Mackenzie Haynes, Yadira Oseguera, Lynn Pasche, Alexa Peralta, Heather Whiting

Wapato — Jamarr Beecham, Sarah Boyle, Angila Conatser, Nancy Cortes, Selma Gary, Steven Gasseling, Michael Hernandez, Garret Jacob, Pedro Jeronimo, Alondra Martinez, Kennedy Mattern, Joshua Verwey

Yakima — Kali Abrams, Cristina Alcala, Lilia Alcazar-Oseguera, Omar Alegria-Soto, Alexandrea Allen, Gabriel Anderson, Justin Ashman, Marisela Baca, Shane Balcom, Elizabeth Barber, Nicole Barnes, Katherine Barrera, Aida Bazan, William Behl, Edwin Bendall, Steven Bendall, Jesus Benitez, Steven Betts, Avery Black, Lindsay Boutillier, Elise Bowman, Olga Bozin, Monique Briceno, Gavin Bunger, Nathaniel Campos, Christina Carefoot, Lindsay Carson, Adrianna Carter, Isaac Castaneda, Ariana Castro, Mary Joy Castro, Jose Cervera, Bianca Chavez, Johnny Chavez, Bryan Chronister, Katheryn Clark, Kristian Cordova, Jasmin Corona, Joseph Cort, Megan Cort, Danielle Couette, Jared Covington, Brandan Crawford, Joesell Cuddie, Brandon Cureton, Stephanie Dailey, Nathan Daily, Kayna Dean, Krystal Decaney, Takashi Deleon, Kaitlin Dell, Ariana Deniz-Lucatero, Tiffany Dickens, Diana Dolquist, Mckenzie Durand, Matthew Durham, Linsey Ehrhardt, Lainie Elder, Trechell Elliott, Maria Espinoza, Yasmine Espinoza, Nicolas Feist, Norma Fernandez, Sarah Fielding, Jenny Findsen Robert Fitterer, Stephanie Flores, Lorena Flores-Conda, Violent Force, Aaron Fowler, Martha Galicia, Daniel Garcia, Evan Garfein, Sarah Geuin, Alysha Giddings, Jared Giles, Kory Glatthar, Rochelle Gonzales, Carina Gonzalez, Faustino Gonzalez, Brooke Graff, Alexis Gratton, Jeremiah Griffith, Lasheena Guinn, Noelle Guldjord, Eric Gutzwiler, Madison Hager, Nektarios Hagler, Nathan Haile, Trisha Heiserman, Chloe Hernandez, Tesheena Hert, Caroline Herting, Shelby Higbee, Breanne Hill, Colton Hill, James Huffman, Bernabe Ibarra, Amelia Jackson, Chelsea Johnson, Craig Johnston, Deandre Kambala, Elizabeth Keke, Rhonda Klamm, Nicholas Kotlarz, Andrey Krot, Chelsea Lamm, Kristin Lance, Marisela Lara, Gabriel Lepe, Allondra Lopez, Rosana Lopez, Tania Lopez, Devonte Luckett, Ana Madrigal, Hannah Maib-Robinson, Araceli Maldonado, Andrew Maravelias, Jefferson Marshall, Erik Martinez, Juan Martinez, Autumn McCart, Katelyn McDowell, Amanda McKay, James Medina, Maribel Medina, Maria Mendez, Jovita Mercado, Shane Merrill, Miguel Molleda, Colbey Molner, Jose Mondaca, Brenda Montoya, Aurelio Morales, Omar Moreno, Melody Morgan, Ala Mustafa, Chelsea Myers, Alvaro Nava, Erica Nedrow, Eric Nordstrom, Kelsie Nugent, Emily Okelberry, Adriana Olea-Lopez, Dalleri Olels, Taylor Olney, Maria Ortega, Elias Oseguera, Isabelle Patlan, Tonia Patnode, Kirsten Patten, Hannah Payne, Yazmin Peregrino, Marina Picardal, Daisy Pimentel, Carolynn Pursley,Ryan Quinn, Rianna Ramirez, Ignacio Ramos, Ric Rebolledo-Cordova, Anyssa Rebollero, Zachary Remsberg, Keilee Richmond, Olivia Rickey, Felix Riojas, Hunter Roberts, Adrian Rodriguez, Briana Rodriguez, Naomi Rojas, Tabitha Rowe, Amelia Ruelas, Malachi Ryan, Matthew Sagen, Rodolfo Salgado, Gerardo Sanchez, Griselda Sanchez, Madison Sanchez, Adriana Sandoval, Joshua Schempp, Daniel Scherschligt, Peter Schilperoort, Terry Schlosser, Mary Schmits, Kieran Schoen, Dirce Schuler, Jose Serrano, Lupe Serrano-J , Thomas Sheffield, Enrique Silva, Scarlett Smallwood, Renee Smith, Tarik Snow, Mari Sperry, Cheyan Stander, Patricia Steele, Bryce Stoddard, Melissa Storm, Melissa Streitmatter, Paul Tabayoyon, Hannah Taylor, Autumn Teegarden, Marycruz Tellez, Andrea Terry, Kyle Thomas, Ryan Tillett, Rachel Toner, Ricardo Torres, Bethany Treat, Emily Tritz, Kendall Unser, Eliazar Valero, Taylor Vanderwood, Teresita Vega, Ethan Villarreal, Adam Villegas, Shawn Walruff, Allanah Watlamet-Luke, Kayla Whalen, Rebecca Wiseman, Kayla Withers, Barbara Wood, Mackenzie Wood, Rashawna Wright, Veronica York, Noemi Zarate, Dalun Zhang, Teresa Zuniga

Zillah — Elias Beyrouty, Skylor Davis, Sarah Dunn, Bryan Funk, Angelica Hernandez, Aly Johnson, Tyler Nelson, Larissa-Mari Pauza, Jordan Schilperoort, Molly Sevigny, Gisel Solorzano, Jasmine YellowOwl

YVC President’s List for Spring 2016

Cle Elum — Kaleb Wersland

Cowiche — Alan Diaz-Espinoza, Joshua Lowe, Olivia Wells

Desert Aire — Josh Aznaran

Ellensburg — Barbara Bunker, Michael Jones, Jeanne Wenger, Deanne Withrow, Rick Withrow

Goldendale — Karissa Ihrig

Grandview — Matthew Carpenter, Jennifer Gonzalez, Ayisha Guillen, Ethan Householder, Jose Jaime, Diana Jennings, Aracelie Ledesma, Christian Mendoza, Ilse Ornelas, Natalee Oxley, Roberto Rios, Ashley Storms

Granger — Mary Creeley, Roger Fiander, Alejandro Isiordia, Kaylene Sampson, Michael Schafer

Mabton — Bettina Alvord,Laura Chavez-Cervantes, Cristina Espinoza, Veronica Zavala

Moxee — Lilia Ashton, Addison Austin, Rosemerry Corbin, Emma Delong, Rebecca Faulkner, Esther Hernandez, Iliane Plaza-Hernandez, Carmen Rodriguez, Janelle Ward

Naches — Billy Emmal, Jacob Lamay, Isaiah Lopez, Kassi Lucas, Zachary Parker

Outlook — Joshua Mensonides

Prosser — Ashley Arriaga, Laura Barrera, Oleksandra Iakovleva, Ivan Mireles, Tabitha Reilly

Selah — Aaron Bannister, Kaly Barthlow, Mitchell Bishop, Natalie Borchert, Tania Cervantes-Anaya, Shannon Cornett, Patrick Deprey, Kylie Ergeson, Kerista Goodpaster, Eva-Marie Hamill, Alissa Hein, Jennifer Hunt, Erica Jones, Todd Judy, Tianna Latour, Isaac Leavitt, Kenneth Mears, Esther Packard, Jessica Padilla, Jennifer Pelzel, Charlie Ranger, Amanda Ringer, Shealynn Ruybal, Holli-Ann Schindler, Heriberto Villafan

Sunnyside — Jessica Alcaide, Jose-Luis Alonso, Kelly Bolt, Mikaela Chavez, Veronica Gamez, Celeste García, Vianca Madrigal, Alan Medina, Juan Mercado, Magali Munguía-Pena, Hector Rebollar, Kirsten Scott, Adilene Torres, Karla Villanueva

Tieton — Samantha Jetton, Kathryn Sokol, Elias Sugarman

Toppenish — Ricardo Ayala, Robert Luna, Mariela Madrigal, Federico Martinez, Kayla Ortiz, Omar Palomino, Moises Pinon, Artemio Sanchez, Flor Sanchez, Maria Sauceda, Tygh Schuster, Victoria Torrico, Saundra Wellner

Union Gap — Ruth Musser, Dalila Ochoa

Wapato — Sofia Acosta, Meaalofa Gomez, Daisy Hernandez, Melissa Manjarrez, Micah Verwey

Yakima — Saray Aburto, Madison Alderman, Timothy Allen, Erica Alonzo, Sevanna Alvarez, Thomas Anderson, Erika Avilez, Michelle Ayala, Britney Baker, Carmel Balcom, Derek Ball, Stacey Ballard, Brett Barber, Jacob Barstow, Lupe Bazan, Ryan Bickler, Katharine Bueschelman, Jenae Campbell, Sandra Cardenas, Laura Catron, Jessica Charles, Cameron Chin, Frances Cioci, Breanna Clark, Jason Clark, Greg Collins, Jesse Conner, Jessica Corn, Joyce Cree, Adelina Cuevas, Rachael Dart, Jennifer Delamarter, Alex Ditto, Isaac Dowd, Kaito Durkee, Murrena Edwards, Jyra Fernando, Lori Fischer, Kevyn Fiscus, Daphne Fisher, Melissa Fleck, Rosa Flores, Sara Flores, Larry Frazier, Laura Galindo, Maria Garcia, Barbara Gefroh, Kayla Gleason, Anahi Godinez, Jesica Godoy, Frances Gold, Guillermo Gomez, Mason Gosney, Brandi Gottschalk, Chloe Goyette, Alejandro Guerrero, Rene Guevara, Alissa Gutierrez, Valentina Guy, Brenda Guzman, Michelle Hurst, Erica Hutt, Thu Huynh, Cody James, Grace Keller, David King, Kenneth Krebs, Erika Lemon, Francisco Luquin, Andrew Mackinnon, Don Martin, Cole Martinez, Jasmine Martinez, Shawn Mccarthy, Marizza Mejia, Alejandra Mendoza, Lukas Middleton, Sierra Munson, Waynna Nell, Nicole Nesmith, Maria Nunez, Hilda Ochoa, Sabrina Ovesen, Alexa Packard, Quenton Palmer, Joseph Paradis, Samantha Paschen, Lukas Pechtel, Sharon Perez,Kayla Rafferty, Jocelyne Ramirez, Melissa Reed, Debra Rich, Robert Ring, Ruben Rodriguez-Muniz, Dylan Rowley, Elijah Ryan, Nicolas Salamanca, Misty Sanchez, Elisa Saporiti, Tanner Schilperoort, Cassandra Schultz, Breann Schwartz, Racheal Schwindt, Michael Shearn, Alexander Sifuentes, Lisa Sliger, Karina Smith, Meagan Smith, Michelle Stultz, Adam Suarez, Emaly Suarez, Mackenzie Taylor, Margaret Tenbusch, Matthew Torretta, Lydia Trujillo, Ethan Turner, Daniel Valencia, Anna Vance, Alexis Vasquez, Patricia Villegas, Blaine Walton, Andrew Ward, Nathaniel Way, Toni Wells, Robert Wylam, Allison Ybarra, John Yolo

Zillah — Seth Clayton, Isaac Estrada, Alicia Ortega, Everett Scaife, Alison Stu

YVC Spring 2016 Graduates


Associate in Arts: Sofia Acosta* #

So. Cle Elum

Associate in Business: Derek Swan* #


Associate in Arts: Alan Diaz-Espinoza, Olivia Wells*

Associate in Science, Track 2: Alan Diaz-Espinoza


Associate in Arts: Carmen Baker, Hannah Espada-Nair*, Michael Kelleher, K. Lynn McBride*, Christopher Miller

Associate in Business: KatieLee Samuelson

Associate in Science, Track 2: Cameron Curtis, Long Ching Macor Ho**

Associate of Applied Science in Dental Hygiene: Yohel Abraha, Carly Goltiani

Associate of Applied Science in Information Technology General: Skylar Jensen, Garrett Rhodes*

Associate of Applied Science in IT Network Administrator: Garrett Rhodes*

Associate of Applied Science in Nursing: Lexi Ackerlund, Lisa Carter*, Kira Mettie, Paige Morse

Associate of Applied Science in Radiologic Sciences: Tyler Bender*

Associate of Applied Science in Veterinary Technology: Jeanne Wenger**


Associate of Applied Science in Veterinary Technology: Marissa Myra*


Bachelor of Applied Science in Business Management: Yanet Barrera, Dulce Bowlsby*, Isela Castillo, Jose Espindola, Chad Hollingsworth**, Diana Jennings** #, Senaida Lopez, Rebecca Maloy

Associate in Arts: Josefina Aguilar, Molly Beghtol*, Elaine Cantu*, Mariela Delgadillo, Maria Garcia, Araceli Granados, Ricardo Hernandez**, Marisela Jaimes, Michele Medina, Maria Miranda, Anahi Morales, Maria Sánchez, Martin Sanchez Jr.

Associate of Applied Science in Early Childhood Education: Alma Gutierrez

Associate of Applied Science in Information Technology General: Jorge Calderon*, John DeLeon Jr.*

Associate of Applied Science in IT General Support Specialist: Jorge Calderon*

Associate of Applied Science in IT Network Administrator: John DeLeon Jr.*


Bachelor of Applied Science in Business Management: Analuisa Aguilera

Associate in Arts: Manuel Andrade, Sandra Bravo*, Diana Koralt Solorio, Brady Williams

Associate in Business: Elizabeth Caballero, Angela Golob*


Associate in General Studies: Jocelyn Tzintzun

Associate of Applied Science in Automotive Service Technology: Juan Maravilla


Associate in General Studies: Joel Hanson*


Bachelor of Applied Science in Business Management: Laura Ortiz

Associate in Arts: Esmeralda Aviles, Vanessa Aviles, April Rodriguez Dominguez, Cristina Espinoza*, Alex Jaramillo, Risa Navarro #, Rebecca Richey*, Angelita Rodriguez, Erica Rodriguez

Associate of Applied Science in Business Management: Jenaro Orozco

Associate of Applied Science in Dental Hygiene: Miriam Avalos

Associate of Applied Science in ECE with a Preschool Special Education Option: Elma Calixto


Associate in Arts: Paula Cruz German*


Associate in Arts: Kyley Flory, Makaylah Newkirk, Enely Rodriguez, Kylie Thorndike, Jory Williams*

Associate in Business: Shannon Gendron*

Associate in General Studies: Brian Ireton, Cheyenne Rumsey*

Associate of Applied Science in Radiologic Sciences: Janelle Ward**


Associate in Arts: Claire Carlson*, William Emmal**

Associate in Business: Stormi Ennis


Associate in Arts: Yesenia Garcia*, Joshua Mensonides**


Bachelor of Applied Science in Business Management: Carolina Warwick

Associate in Arts: Ashley Arriaga**, Laura Iveht Barrera*, Ivan Mireles*, Nicte-Ha Thibault, Paige Torppa, Cecilia Valencia

Associate in Business: Karla Mancinas Garza

Associate of Applied Science in Business Management: Lura Jansen

Associate of Applied Science in Radiologic Sciences: Kendra Henry

Associate of Applied Science in Veterinary Technology: Hilario Sanchez


Associate in Arts: Jeremy Boose*


Bachelor of Applied Science in Business Management: Lifang Gaudet*, Amber Heine, Chelsea Merryman

Associate in Arts: Christine Baker, Claire Bardwell*, Mitchell Bishop** #, Dallin Godfrey, Andromeda Harris**, Alissa Hein, Ashlee Henderson, Tianna LaTour**, Emma Laurvick*, Isaac Leavitt*, Josie Middlebrooks, Jennifer Pelzel** #, McKenzi Rich, Austin Richardson*, Erwin Smith,

Associate in Business: Lexa Frazier, James McCoy*, Devin Teske*

Associate in Science, Track 2: Matthew Noll*

Associate of Applied Science in Criminal Justice: Aaron Bannister

Associate of Applied Science in Dental Hygiene: Megan La Roche, Jessica Mills* #, Dena Wilhelm

Associate of Applied Science in ECE with a Preschool Special Education Option: Karri Henderson*

Associate of Applied Science in IT Network Administrator: Jeffrey Funkhouser

Associate of Applied Science in Medical Assisting: Tania Anaya*

Associate of Applied Science in Radiologic Sciences: Stephen Crabb


Associate in Arts: Alexis Cardenas*, Lydia Cardenas, Deisy Cardoso* #, Maria Cervantes Garcia*, Monica Santana Cisneros, Ashley Davis*, Esther Estrada, Henry Fairbairn*, Celeste Garcia*, Elizabeth Garcia, Noel Garcia, Cole Gardner** #, Amalia Martinez Ruiz*, Rebecca Meza, John Navarro, Marlene Ramirez, Bernaldino Rangel*, Adilene Rodriguez*, Jaime Sarmiento, Kirsten Scott**, Alejandro Solis Jr., Ilda Trevino, Karla Villanueva** #

Associate in Business: Elizabeth Olivo

Associate of Applied Science in Accounting: Kristal Trujillo

Associate of Applied Science in Radiologic Sciences: Jaime Martinez* #


Bachelor of Applied Science in Business Management: Jenna Mount

Associate in Arts: Erin Duncan, Ashley Houfek, Amanda Ontiveros, Elias Sugarman** #

Associate in Science, Track 2: Elias Sugarman** #

Associate of Applied Science in Radiologic Sciences: Sarah Allen*


Associate in Arts: Emily Bangs, Alondra Gonzalez, Kennedy Mattern, Raquel Rosales, Zulma Salinas Quiñones, Tashina Weaver

Associate in Business: Jessie Shinn

Associate in Science, Track 2: Omar Palomino, Moises Piñon*

Associate of Applied Science in Nursing: Roxana Galvez

Union Gap

Associate in Arts: Lawrence Fiander IV, Mackenzie Haynes, Justine Kochie, Jose Mendoza

Associate in General Studies: Samantha Covington

Associate of Applied Science in Business Technology Administrative Assistant: Micaela Schultz* #


Associate in Arts: Yesenia Andrade Mendoza, Joanna Cornejo, Nancy Cortes, Destiny Kalkowski, Jaime Olguin, Miguel Rivera, Arcelia Virgen

Associate in Business: Noe Mendez, Julia Razo, Viviana Razo

Associate of Applied Science in Accounting: Deidra Red Elk-Jerome

Associate of Applied Science in Business Technology Legal Office Assistant: Amber Ganuelas*

Associate of Applied Science in Criminal Justice: Filomena Rivera Jaimes

Associate of Applied Science in ECE with a Preschool Special Education Option: Irma Arroyo

Associate of Applied Science in Medical Assisting: Ramona Pulliam*

White Swan

Associate in Arts: Shelby Clark, Ivan Garcia


Bachelor of Applied Science in Business Management: Tami Baird, Deirdre Fojuwaye* #, Amanda McIlroy*, David McKinney** #, Barry Mueller*, James Nagle, Ignacio Ramos*,

Associate in Arts: Karmin Abarca, Madison Alderman*, Evelyn Arista, Halley Asher, Aida Bazan, Alyssa Bernier, Elise Bowman*, Bethany Bradford, Sydney Brownell, Nathaniel Campos, Jose Cardenas, Lathen Carlson* #, Adrianna Carter, Amanda Cashion*, Mary Castro*, Kevin Chang** #, Logan Church, Mackenzie Coleman, Jessica Corn** #, Isela Cruz*, Seth Cushing, Donald Davis, Kayna Dean*, Alex McLean Ditto** #, Kody Dotson, Cindy Duran Verduzco, Shalisa Edwards, Orin Faubion, Kimberly Fulton, Eric Garcia, Diana Gil-Vargas*, Jared Giles, Chloe Goyette** #, Josalyn Graf, Leif Harfst* #, Lucero Heredia-Valdovinos, Olivia Hernandez*, Breanne Hill*, Colton Hill, Nathaniel Howard, Bernabe Ibarra, Ryan Johnson, Alyssa Knapp-Bearden, Tyler Knotts, Gage Landis, Kelly Lawhorn, Andrew MacKinnon**, Denver Madison, Araceli Maldonado Alvarez, Vanessa Maldonado, Jordan Armando Martinez, Rose Martinez, Courtney McDonald, Colbey Molner, Jose Mondaca, Danielle Morales, Jazmin Morales-Rodriguez, Victoria Morin, Michael Murdock, Ala Mustafa, Calvin Ockey, Maria Ortega, Angelica Ortiz, Alejandro Palacios, Sharon Perez Solorio* #, Brenda Ponce, Kendyl Preston, Emma Queen, Kayla Rafferty**, Sandra Ramos, Jedidiah Roche, Harold Rodriguez, Cole Roebuck, Dwain Rogers, Angelica Roque, Tanner Schilperoort**, Allison Schuler*, Sara Shellenberger #, Lenita Sideris, Erik Smestad, Jessica Smith, Teryn Smith, Tarik Snow* #, Ariana Solorzano, Bryce Stoddard, Bailey Strom, Emaly Suarez*, Yesica Suarez-Alcazar*, Taylor Tahkeal*, Nicole Torson, Anthony Trujillo, Matthew Tucknies*, Elizabeth Vaca* #, Allison Varady, Cynthia Vargas, Toni Wells** #, Kayla Whalen, Richard Wilson, Kayla Withers* #, MacKenzie Wood* #, Allison Ybarra* #, Jose Zamora, Noemi Zarate-Castellanos

Associate in Business: Amanda Beckner, Juan Berber, Flor Cortes, Joesell Cuddie*, Seth Cushing, Diana Dolquist, Juan Martinez* #, Nikolas Munson, Chanelle Murphy, Blanca Pulido, Gerardo Sanchez, Levi Schut, Benjamin Sellers

Associate in General Studies: Leona Bushman, Sara Flores, Aaron Fowler*, Kylie Helms, Sabrina Ovesen** #, Jessica Stach, Jennifer Stiner

Associate in Science, Track 1: Aracely Flores

Associate in Science, Track 2: Joshua Buchanan, Gage Hooker, Kyle Munly, Elijah Ryan**

Associate of Applied Science in Accounting: Melissa Connelly* Neal Holden

Associate of Applied Science in Business Management: Rachel Bettles, Jennifer Davis, Neal Holden, Blanca Mendoza*, Kyle Omta, Ryan Quinn

Associate of Applied Science in Business Management with Entrepreneurship Specialty: Jennifer Davis

Associate of Applied Science in Business Management with Marketing Specialty: Jennifer Davis, Jared Kirby

Associate of Applied Science in Business Technology Administrative Assistant: Stacey Ballard** #, Anahi Godinez* #, Brandy Juneau* #, Hnai Musegh, Nicole Nesmith* #, Elizabeth Patnode #,Lisa Sterbenz

Associate of Applied Science in Business Technology Bilingual Administrative Office Assistant: Jacqueline Chavez-Gaytan, Kasondra Valencia

Associate of Applied Science in Business Technology Bilingual Legal Office Assistant: Kasondra Valencia

Associate of Applied Science in Business Technology Legal Office Assistant: Elizabeth Patnode #

Associate of Applied Science in Civil Engineering Technology: Nicholas Kotlarz, Maximiliano Sanchez Cabrera*

Associate of Applied Science in Criminal Justice: Diana Davila, Robert Fitterer, Alvaro Nava Jr.*, Erica Nedrow, Meagan Zinser

Associate of Applied Science in Dental Hygiene: Noelle Guldjord*, Hannah Maib-Robinson*, Kelsie Nugent*, Octavia Vargas

Associate of Applied Science Transfer in Early Childhood Education: Britney Baker*, Isabelle Patlan* #

Associate of Applied Science in Information Technology General: Jesus Alvarez Jr.**, Emanuel Barajas, Don Martin Jr.*, Mark McConnell, David Rodriguez*

Associate of Applied Science in IT General Support Specialist: Jesus Alvarez Jr.**, Don Martin Jr.*

Associate of Applied Science in IT Network Administrator: David Rodriguez*

Associate of Applied Science in Medical Assisting: Josefa Benitez*

Associate of Applied Science in Nursing: Annelies Adolf, Whitney Anderson, Kacie Bisconer, Patricia Flores Carlos*, Hannah Greene, Molly Olver*, Marissa Riddle, Ashley Sloan, Nicole Stonemetz*, Katie Thomson, Kristy Whiting

Associate of Applied Science for Para Educator: Murrena Edwards**

Associate of Applied Science in Radiologic Sciences: Kayla Gleason, Andrew Maravelias, Scarlett Smallwood*

Associate of Applied Science in Veterinary Technology: Breann Schwartz


Bachelor of Applied Science in Business Management: Angelica Hernandez

Associate in Arts: Sabrina Allen, Sophia Allen, Natali Amador, Elias Beyrouty*, Sarah Dunn, Isaac Estrada*, Bryan Funk*, Kristy Jaramillo, Karina Lunning

Associate of Applied Science in Information Technology General: Adam Suarez

Associate of Applied Science in IT Network Administrator: Adam Suarez

Associate of Applied Science in Radiologic Sciences: Everett Scaife**

* Honors

** High Honors

# Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society​

August 17
YVC plans new learning center

​Daily Sun News


August 17
YVC Dean's List for Spring 2016

​Grandview Herald

GH_honor roll1.JPG

GH_honor roll2.JPG

August 17
YVC Graduates for 2016

​Grandview Herald


August 17
Grandview Library Joins National Libraries Transform Campaign

​Grandview Herald


August 16
YVC names new Grandview campus dean

​Daily ​Sun News

Interim leader replaces Bryce Humpherys


The local community college campus has a new dean.

Yakima Valley College officials have named Marc Coomer as interim dean for the Grandview campus and basic skills education. He replaces Bryce Humpherys, who resigned to take a position with Big Bend Community College.

Coomer will fill the interim role for both posts during the 2016-17 school year.

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