​Distinguished Alumnus Award

Each year the YVC Alumni Association seeks nominations for the annual Distinguished Alumnus Award. The award gets presented at the YVC Commencement Ceremony each June. The award was first conferred in 1982 to Catherine May Bedell, a 1934 YVC graduate and U.S. Congresswoman. Since then, the award has been presented to a variety of notable graduates of YVC.


Do you know an alumni that should be honored?

Distinguished Alum Nomination Form

Applications due January 12, 2018 

Award Criteria

Because so many former YVC students have used the college as a spring board and in many cases did not remain for a full two years, the Distinguished Alumnus Selection Committee has set the following guidelines for nominations: 

  • any former student who attended YVC for a minimum of three quarters;
  • attained at least 45 credits,
  • and has distinguished themselves in some positive manner
    is eligible for nomination.

Past Recipients

2016: Charles Weedin

2015: Dr. Margit McGuire

2014: Walt Bratton
2013: Dr. Gary Tollefson
2012: Dave Lester
2011: Dr. Lloyd H. Butler
2010: Lis Wiehl
2009: Amy Bragdon
2008: David E. Kenyon
2007: Sherilyn Weber Brockway
2006: Cyndi Lyons Mullenhoff
2005: Charles H. Eccleston
2004: Robert C. Card
2003: Donald R. Crook
2002: Clara Rodriguez – Jimenez
2001: Christopher Wiehl
2000: Mel Stottlemyre, Sr.
1999: Dr. Richard E. Weller
1998: Tom J. Chambers, Jr.
1997: Dr. Elaine Ostrander
1996: Dr. Erasmo Gamboa
1995: Michael S. Bernazzani
1994: Dr. David Shinn
1993: Pete Rademacher
1992: Dr. Penny Hitchcock
1991: Mel Lewis
1990: Gene Shields
1989: Bill Lee
1988: Dr. Bill E. Barnett
1987: E. Fredrick Velikanje
1986: Robert F. Brachtenbach
1985: Dr. James R. Sorenson
1984: Sid Morrison
1983: J. Alex (Lex) Maxwell
1982: Catherine May- Bedell